Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I love this series. I would post some of my pro-er photos on flickr and stuff, but it sucks cos all those photos get stolen and the actual photographers aren't recognised...

ANYWAY, I was thinking about posting a video, but then I figured you guys would be mad at me for force feeding you yet another one, plus it's about 10 minutes and about a cupcake. AND it's in stop motion. Except I didn't even finish watching, LOL.

Oh, do you know what I just realised? It's December 1st. The first day of summer. SUMMERRR, YAY. Ordinarily I hate it, but you know summer = happiness = everyone else likes it. Ngoc got me this awesome diary and letters in a test tube for KK (!) The diary's so cool. I'M STARING AT IT RIGHT NOW. Must post pictures of it and it's epicness. Later. This reminds me of the presents I need to buy, oh dear. Goodbye savings...

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