more fortunate events

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'M SO TIRED... yeah, just got back from the city for Marleena's birthday. Didn't find any clothes because there wasn't any good stuff on sale, SADFACE. But anyway, I still got:

  • Pretty black shoes with a strap :D
  • Presents
  • Lion wrapping paper
  • Star paper
  • Stickers (I think meant for my laptop? Haha)
  • Sportsgirl necklace

Oh, me, my mum and Marleena were walking past Cupcakes on Pitt and we saw MACARONS! They're the things in the picture... So Marleena and I had walnut ones, and they're so nice and pretty *gargle* Now we're gonna stop there every time. Unless you know any other places that sell them... CALL ME. Or I should get my grandma to send over some real french ones, mm mmm. :9

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