mufti of the day!

Noticed ... stuff. Seems like everyone's gravitating towards leather jackets, bomber jackets, skinny jeans, blazers, and boots. Quite interesting. I want a leather jacket! But you know, they're expensive. $100+, I believe. The unfairness... Oh well. Today we took jumping pics :D Nikkida and Carmen still look pretty mid-air. I failed, LOL.


Accidentally decapitated Tracey, but reshot it :)


Exams are finally over. HUZZAH! I failed my english essay, but screw it. No more exams... Or guilt leftover from not studying. SO HAPPY! I can be lazy myself again! YES!
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can't let it go.

Fun times. Today was pretty fun. YEAAAH. Nikkida made a whole box of Mi Goreng for Holly, and we took 'only one strand' each. We ended up stealing the top layer. HAHA! I doubt Holly noticed. If you read this, FORGIVE MEEE :O

We 'helped out' at Zone Cross Country, but all Tracey and Carmen wanted to do was camwhore. BUT, the photos did turn out quite nicely! Carmen's umbrella is so nice. I. WANT. ONE. Some pretty pictures:

Tiny Tracey! Tiny Carmen! If you squint, they look like dolls. SO PRETTY!

In case it isn't already clear, 99.9% of my pictures are of Tracey. The other 0.1% are of Nikkida and Carmen. LOOOL. I could be, like, a personal photographer. HOW FUN :D
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you know who you are...

We have major and minor exams tomorrow. Eep! This is a problem, I don't know what to do. Except go online, of course. I hope I don't screw it. Never mind doing 'well', just hope I don't fail...

Mm, had an ice-cream sandwich just then. SO NICE. Everyone should go and eat one. They come in packs, same with Maxibons! Except it's like, $10 or more for a 4-pack. Pfft, ice-cream is so over-priced. Why? Damn, good thing it tastes so good or I wouldn't bother.
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jealousy inducing...

Just some of the street style photos I've saved; I've actually been accumulating them for awhile. I am pro at clicking through blogs:

The best street style ones are the Sartorialist, Garance Dore, and Altamira NYC. Apparently the Sartorialist is gonna have a book... *BUY FOR ME ;D* Anyways, it's not gonna come out until September. Shucks.
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we're going on a...

Tea party. So. Much. FUN. Omfg, P**** is so nice! She said we weren't allowed to publish her name anywhere. Uh, isn't it too late? There are 3000 Google search results for her name. SHE'S FREAKING FAMOUS O: Anyway, yes. Mulberry pie and ice cream. Mmm:

No class photo, our whole class wasn't there. Isn't that always the case? I HATE THAT!

Damn, Kenny. Just had to ruin the photo. PFFT.

Tracey fails at jumping!

Much better. As usual, I'm not in any of the photos because I am the awesome photographer. Just kidding. Even though there are pictures, they fail to make my face look presentable. So no posting. It's all part of my evil plan, HAHAHAHA.
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