i have an idea

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i need you like a bad habit.

In jap today, Miss Eun cooked sukiyaki for us. Yay! Oh dear, according to Anh, the teacher asked if anyone was diabetic before putting in half a jug of sugar. Oh dear, this is going to hurt in the long run... :X

I'm too fast for you! 8D

We randomly found this newspaper. Aha, Julia looks so cute :D

It was sweet, but I had Peggy's anyway cos she didn't want it. Oh, that's how she stays skinny! :O Haha, I feel like a pig. I would put more pictures, but Photobucket's being gay and it won't rotate these damn photos. Maybe later...
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walking on a dream

How awesome was school sport today? We were meant to have this basketball guy coming, but he never showed up. So the teacher basically just threw basketballs at us and we shot hoops. Oh my gosh, we were trying to shoot backwards and Kristina actually got it in. How pro is that?! Tracey was gonna shout the person a honey nougat, but she just wanted to reward herself. There, there child. XD

I actually brought my camera today! But yeah, only a few photos, because they were mostly weird pictures of me and Nikkida, and I don't know how Ngoc and Li Sa would feel about being plastered on the internet... But it's okay that I show pics of you two, right? ;D

Random... it turned out quite okay. I like this kind of blur, NOT motion blur.

GO TRACEY, no one sits near you cos you smell. Just kidding, WE LOVE YOU.
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you don't need a ticket to fly with me

So, today I was looking through my photos when I realised I have so many pictures of hair. SERIOUSLY.

Aaaaand... my personal favourite:

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i think i'm moving but i go nowhere

I haven't written a real blog in awhile. Hehe, everyone's probably at social and I... have no life. OMG. We got our commerce tests back, and... I got 26 and a half. Out of 30. 88%... That doesn't sound good. I don't know, it's just an ugly number. Why couldn't I get 89%? At least that sounds like it's on the border of 90. Does this make sense?

I'm procrastinating again, japanese assignment is due on Friday. CRAP. Actually, I've collected all the articles, and written stuff, but I'm still not finished. I'm so lazy, it's not funny. Let's blame it on the cold, my systems aren't functioning properly. Good thing it's only one high school assignment, I'll fail in the real world...
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damn sunday drivers.

Puh-LEASE, we need Urban Outfitters in Australia :C
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it's cold.

NO JOKE. Today was so windy, I thought my ass was gonna fall off. Since we didn't have to go anywhere for sport, Nikkida and Carmen took advantage of the situation to take pictures. Strange we are... Nikkida, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT POSTING. Oh yeah, we 'tried out' for grade sport, but failed. It was pretty fun, but the wind ruined everything. FREEZING. I can't imagine what's it like on the other side of the world, I can't even handle this weather TT"

Meanwhile... Get me a jacket and hair like this! Straight hair's okay, but that means my fringe doesn't flick nicely and it's all flat. It flops all over my head. Stupid genes skipped me, my grandparents have curly hair. LOL. I'm jealous, curly hair bounces, it's SO CUTE.
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end of the world.

Athletics carnival was today. Me, Nikkida, Tracey and Carmen basically did NOTHING relating to athletics. LOL, the whole day, we had this ongoing conversation about the couples whose babies would be the prettiest/hottest/cutest. Other than that, the rest of the day was pretty boring. Well, not really, but it's been such a looong day and I'm lazy. Oh yeah, shout out to Mitchell: I HOPE YOU'RE OKAY D:
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