Boots. With spurs on them. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT.
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do you have a dollar for me?

Hm, today was so odd/short/boring... Well, I didn't have to do english speech but I'm getting sorta fed up so I might as well do it tomorrow. GAAAH, hopefully I don't stuff up. It's pretty weird right, four minutes isn't that long for a non-serious speech, is it now? Whatever, I still hate speeches. VERY MUCH. I still have to do those other annoying assignments, in excess...

At recess I think we scarred Tracey... Dammit I want to clean out my head now TOO MANY BAD SUBJECTS D: Don't ask, I'm sure either Anna, Carmen or Nikkida will blog about it... *shudders*
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through the looking-glass

Above is from the sweet-as Alice editorial, by Vogue. SO PRETTY, would post all of it, but nah. School's on tomorrow. CRAP. You know, I underestimated when our english speech was due. And I decided to change the subject so I wasted more time. But never fear, I have a crappy mise-en-scene and draft so I'm all good ;D

Dammit, I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow! All holidays I've been either alone, or with family. Alone, family, alone, family, it's a cycle. So I can't wait see to different people. Although I saw Rak on Friday, who turned out to be in the same cinema as me, but NO we didn't notice til the end. XD Speaking of which, HP6 was such a letdown compared to the book. It was too brief even though it was three hours long. They should've made two films. Or that's just me talking. Okay, I'll stop.
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hide the evidence!

Of course I haven't been baking cookies instead of doing work. OUTRAGEOUS.
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the world was such a wholesome place

So, I haven't really posted an epic photo blog in awhile. BUT, today I took photos, which means MINI EPIC PIC SPAM! Me and family went city again. Being tourists. It was quite fun:

"The Odditoreum" (Btw, in Powerhouse Museum.)

Really cute Karen Walker dress that was in STYD and cost $250. HOW SAD. FOR ME.


Choc-chip cookie dough ice-cream, Baskin-Robbins!

Kids (namely, Oscar) frolicking in the pretty fountain.

I missed pictures. I really want a DSLR, like, for my own. *ponders...*
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ten random things

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head underwater.

Blogging, for once. IT'S THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL. Finally?! I've been doing too much work for my liking... Or maybe, my work capacity is just abnormally small. You decide. Anyway, I've still got assignments to do. THEY ARE SO ANNOYING. Like, an itch you get and can't get rid of. This makes me mad...

Random note: Today I ate a berry yoghurt Chupa Chup. It actually tastes like yoghurt. Amazing, right?
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i can feel you breathing

This week has been so long for some reason, but it's over now. HUZZAH, I'M SO TIRED. Die, PE assignment, you ruin everything. Even if I do anything right productive right now I think I might die... Dang, I wanted to watch the musical, but I can't go tomorrow and I feel dead today. I really wanted to see it though, NOT FAIR. I think my tiredness is taking its toll on my brain. GOOD NIGHT THEN. PS. I really want brogues/lace up flats/whatever they're called :)

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out of inspiration.


Today was quite a good one, except I'm sooo freaking tired from so much sport. Gah, so unfit, I should really do something about it. My legs are gonna fall off... But, LOL, IT WAS SO FUNNY. In our team, it was basically a huge group of chicks... The guys were owning us in European handball so in the last minutes, Nikkida RAN across the court, then Mr. Bruce held Santosh and we scored a goal. OH YEAH.

Meanwhile, how awesome are these glasses? There are black ones, too. It's unlikely though, right now, you have to pre-order them for £205 (around $400AUD?). I don't even think they're prescription... But jeez, the model makes them look so pretty :C
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