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So... In case you were wondering, this is just some of what I do in my free time. If only my poor brothers or sister would model for me or something, but I'm scared I might get attacked by them. At least stationary things don't complain...

Not happy with this pic because it's not nice and 100% sharp... Oh well. Reading material of late: Pride and Prejudice, Le Petit Prince, My Sister's Keeper (which the library DID have! :D) STYD, Frankie, some photography manual. I see I'm gonna have to spend a little or a lot of money to complete the rest of my reading list, hmph.

L: The bear that Peggy gave me; it looks like it's flying/dancing. Mainly because of my skills, YAY.
R: Oroton bag my grandma gave in QLD that I like a lot :)

... Nothing more to say. Can't wait til the mothership comes back tomorrow because it's lonely now. Oh yeah, AND Private Practice is back on Tuesday from after that crazy bitch steals Violet's baby. I think that's really it, GOODBYE / HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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I'm a few hours late delivering this post because of watching the Bones/Castle episodes that I missed last night, but anyway: EXAMS ARE FINISHED. CANNOT EXPRESS MY HAPPINESS, except that I can tell you, when I was home by myself I secretly jumped around/went slightly crazy, like normal people do... No more stressing! (not that I did much of that anyway.) I think I'll continue in this state of mind... At least til we start cracking down on results, OH NO D:
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solution to a lazy person's blog

1. Maths. Not as hard as I thought it would be, thanks to practice papers. Still think I stuffed up somewhere that slips my memory...
2. Jap listening. MISSED OUT ON ONE BECAUSE I DIDN'T REMEMBER WHAT SAN-KAI WAS (third floor). Jap speaking, 100% yay!
3. Sport. Bowling was pretty good, just year nine's :D Some people still didn't turn up at all, so I don't know what happened to them. Had to wear funny bowling shoes, then my chucks felt all cold, HAHA.
4. It was so effing hot. Sat at the station for ages til the train finally came, then waited in the aircon :D
5. This point should say studying at home, but it's not official yet...

Four exams down, four to go because PE just isn't included. GOOD BYE / GOOD LUCK :3
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i just haven't met you yet

Firstly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACEY! :D These holidays were so wasted, and I haven't done much. *sadface* Hopefully, everyone is doing much better than me? Can't wait til the end of this week, because in truth, I really don't care now. Don't worry, I think I'll feel the stress sooner or later... So, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE IN ADVANCE! Will see everyone anyway tomorrow, but it doesn't matter, lol.
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standing in the way of control

Okay so lately I really cbb to update this thing. Have to keep it alive... *0* Anyway, so on Monday I got a haircut? It's so short now, ARGH. I told the woman 1cm off, then she freaking cuts off so much TT" Or maybe it just looks shorter cos of the front layers. Wait and see then...

To-do list that I will probably abandon sooner or later:
1. Type invoices
2. Finish notes
3. Read notes at least once
4. Return library books
5. Finish the evil crocodile level in Little Big Planet D:<
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witty title

HELLO :D Got back yesterday... And I have to catch up on five days worth of studying, shit. But I'll just get this out of the way so I can *try* to start. :C So, in Queensland:

SUNDAY: Went to Orion, this shopping centre near my grandparents' house. It was good, no one goes there cos it's basically in the middle of nowhere, so all the stuff's untouched. ^^

MONDAY: Dreamworld... FUN, except we had to go into that stupid zoo section, which I hate just because it's the same everywhere. =="

TUESDAY: Went Pacific Fair, which is this huge shopping centre thing that took ages to get to. It is freaking huge, half of it's outdoors and I don't even think I saw all the shops... Dammit, I really regret not getting these pretty studded sandals from Blue Juice :C Anyway, it wasn't as crowded as it usually is cos all the Queenslander kids went back to school this week.

WEDNESDAY: Brisbane City, which is almost exactly the same as the city in Sydney except smaller. Seriously, there's a Botanical Gardens, almost-same strip of shops and I even saw inside this building that looked exactly like QVB... o.O One thing, they had Borders instead of Kinokuniya :L

THURSDAY: On the way back, went to visit cousins and ended up staying for awhile. Omg, in there they had this huge collection of Beanie Kids, IT'S NOT FUNNY. There were soooo many, in all their rooms.

Okay I know you don't like my writing. I don't think anyone reads it but anyway...

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anything but you

So today was an epic day-sized bludge, and sorta boring compared to yesterday. Damn the holidays, gonna waste it studying. ARGH so nervous, I'm feeling especially dumb right now... TT" Anyway, few pics. I like posting them here and not Facebook cause it's cooler :D Also I tried uploading once and it's so confusing. SORRY RAK :L

9M FOR MULBERRY. Seriously, what's with our class and mulberries? Well, they were yummy *salivates* Okays, I'm not sure if I'll take my laptop to Queensland but if I don't I won't blog til next week. Happy holidays! :D
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