Today's the last day of the year. Doesn't feel like it, eh? So, I guess this is when we make resolutions and crap, so next year I'm going to:

1. Give presents on time. LOL.
2. Get a job somehow
3. Save up for an LX3
4. Somehow balance exams with Japan trip (!) in October, but screw that, I'M SO EXCITED :D

Gosh I would kill to have an LX3, it looks weird but it's supposedly super good and retails at like $700... Plus I need a good compact, SLR's are so huge o_O Anyway... have a happy and safe NYE everyone, bye and see you in 2010!
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have a very...

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empty shell

Merry Christmas Eve, guys! So these holidays haven't been very exciting for me, I think my Christmases are getting less Christmas-ey every year... I think I need a list of goals, so here it is:

1. Finish reading list
2. Beat the bomber guy in Little Big Planet
3. Attempt to bake macarons

... Apparently macarons are super hard to make so that should be a fun little experiment. Maybe I'll document it here if it doesn't fail too much, hehehe. Gosh this is a short post, I really have nothing to blog about. Oh, btw guys, click on my titles! Cos I fixed it and now the individual posts aren't stuffed up. Yeah.
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you learn something new everyday

Okay so I can't find the original tutorial I used so I'll show how to do the vintage-y thing here... :) I'll be using this random pic of my brother's lunch... (Btw I use Paintshop, so it may or may not be the same as normal Photoshop)

1/ Original:

2/ Add a new layer:

3/ Fill that new layer with dark blue (my one's html is #0a146e)

4/ Set the blue layer to 'Exclusion', instead of 'Normal':

5/ Add another layer, and this time fill with light brown (#955a07)

6/ Set the brown layer to 'Screen', and change it's opacity to around 32 (give or take, depending on your pic).

7/ Done! :)

Sorry if it's not that good but I've never made a tutorial before :0 GL!
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HI GUYS. How are your holidays, because I haven't been out once so far and I'm SO BORED. But anyway, I'm trying out this vintage-y photo effect I found yesterday, so that's why the pics look different. Randomness:

I want more books.

My mum's old calculator. HOW COOL IS IT. Well I think so...

Freaking awesome Minolta that was my grandpa's, except it doesn't work anymore :C

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jump! jump!

Guess what? It's my 100th post. ZOMG. I'm a bit slow, but it doesn't matter. I love my blog, it's sooo different from when I first made it. And since Danica requested it, here's some more of the scrapbook... Pretty random, and the lighting kept on changing o_O Enjoy anyway?


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more fortunate events

I'M SO TIRED... yeah, just got back from the city for Marleena's birthday. Didn't find any clothes because there wasn't any good stuff on sale, SADFACE. But anyway, I still got:

  • Pretty black shoes with a strap :D
  • Presents
  • Lion wrapping paper
  • Star paper
  • Stickers (I think meant for my laptop? Haha)
  • Sportsgirl necklace

Oh, me, my mum and Marleena were walking past Cupcakes on Pitt and we saw MACARONS! They're the things in the picture... So Marleena and I had walnut ones, and they're so nice and pretty *gargle* Now we're gonna stop there every time. Unless you know any other places that sell them... CALL ME. Or I should get my grandma to send over some real french ones, mm mmm. :9
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I love this series. I would post some of my pro-er photos on flickr and stuff, but it sucks cos all those photos get stolen and the actual photographers aren't recognised...

ANYWAY, I was thinking about posting a video, but then I figured you guys would be mad at me for force feeding you yet another one, plus it's about 10 minutes and about a cupcake. AND it's in stop motion. Except I didn't even finish watching, LOL.

Oh, do you know what I just realised? It's December 1st. The first day of summer. SUMMERRR, YAY. Ordinarily I hate it, but you know summer = happiness = everyone else likes it. Ngoc got me this awesome diary and letters in a test tube for KK (!) The diary's so cool. I'M STARING AT IT RIGHT NOW. Must post pictures of it and it's epicness. Later. This reminds me of the presents I need to buy, oh dear. Goodbye savings...
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