a thousand hugs

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

HELLO. So my last post was four days ago... feels so long... o__o Anyway, I think it seems that way cos school is so boring these days. But it should be fun this week! Oh look what I made for ** ** LOL:

YEAH. I really hope she doesn't read my blog secretly or something... But anyway, it's not like she'll know what's inside right? ;) Damn, we have three mufti days this and next week. SO STUPID. I HAVE NO MORE CLOTHES. I guess it's too easy to raise money that way, huh. Oh, note to myself, I really really really want this bag from kikki.K. SO CUTE. My donkey tote's old now.

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  1. Those kikki k bags are adorable. I'm always on the verge of spending way too much money in that store.

  2. i think it's the same but different sides! i wish i had everything in there, so nice...

  3. the bags are super sweet! =)

    Btw, would love to invite you to join my giveaway!


  4. i want that bag!