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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day / Chinese New Year everyone! :D Even though I don't really celebrate either but whatever. Btw I love this bubble thing Carmen got :D So... if you've been reading for ages you'll probably remember when I made cookies here. Well I made them again! I think they're better, much more cracked. And they're choc-chip if you can't tell, LOL.

On another note I really wanna make macarons. But apparently they're super hard to make, damn :l One day I will...

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  1. Cookies look yummm. I really want to try making macarons one day too... but for now I'm quite happy to just look at pretty pictures of them haha.

  2. macarons are really pretty! it would be fun to try, don't know how it'd go down though :p

  3. I really want to make macarons too, but those cookies look so good! :)