reading haul

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I didn't really want to blog since I just posted yesterday... but I went to the library so yay! :D Got these, plus Nylon from the newsagent. I hardly ever get fiction books now...

("The herd instinct" - teenagers like to dress alike regardless of size or shape!)


Squint... it's a Chanel deer brooch. CHANEL :L

I got excited when I saw the book, I think it was on the library's site, but not at Livvo. It's pretty good ^^ But I can't really relax and read everything until I get some work done, daww. Stupid homework :/

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  1. eeep! love days at the library: when not shopping for clothes, i'm building up libraries and libraries of books of all sorts: check out extreme beauty in vogue, for decades of photography (beauty based)... incredible imagery!



  2. looks like you got some good books! love your blog- i'm your newest follower! <3