burning sparks

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photo dump! I'm being too lazy to write paragraphs again:
  • Rain + english assignment = me being dead all week.
  • I got the t-shirt from DFO yesterday! I think I have a penchant for t-shirts now... It was 20% off because it was 'faulty'. I still can't find the fault though :L
  • I was watching my iTunes. Thanks to Mitchell.
  • I didn't even know we had Scrabble, but I found the 'M' :D
  • I have a lot assignments this term. It's making me sad... oh well.

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  1. Haha "too lazy to write paragraphs". Sometimes I get a bit like that too.

    That t-shirt is super cute. Great score!

  2. Mustaches make everything better :)

  3. LOVE your blog.. just came across it. Such beautiful photos!

  4. That t-shirt!!!! Are you from Melb?? I saw the tee on the mannequin and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE in the store *cries in corner*

  5. @Anna: Nope, I'm from NSW... you should try buying the one off the mannequin! (even though I've never done that)

    Thanks for commenting everyone :-D

  6. I love that shirt! I think I may just have bit of an obsession with moustaches. Love your blog by the way, I will follow it for sure :).

  7. ohhh i really like the photography going on here. I like the top it reminds me of my guy friend.

  8. I love how your blog has grown since I've nominated you.
    I do adore that awesome mustache shirt.
    I can see and imagine your blog continuing to grow and grow :) I'm very proud.

  9. Daww thanks anon.. I'm touched! xD