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Monday, May 03, 2010

Exciting stuff: I was one of the winners of the Little Known Lovelies award! :D Amazing, I've only ever won something once, and it was a Hoobs video LOL. Thanks Erimentha and Liss for featuring me! And any new followers: HELLO :D

Oh, I borrowed new stuff to read yesterday! Except for the Frankie cos I have to buy it. I don't really know/like Rachel Zoe but the book's interesting... I think :L I have to wait to fully read them because exams are next week and I need to write notes. Bye til later then!

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  1. Congrats on the award. Your blogs so cute and adorbale, you really deserved it!

    Also, I spy a Yen magazine!
    How amazing is it? :D

  2. Congratulation for winning the little known loveliest blog award! and btw, that Style A to Z by rachel zoe is one practical book of fashion. It gives me several useful tips although Rachel Zoe's is not really my style. ;)


  3. congrats on your award, you deserve it! <3

  4. congrats :D i found your blog through the little known lovelies award and i'm glad i did.

  5. Congradulations on winning something, I hardly ever win anything too. I want a new magazine :(

  6. congrats on the award!

    i just discovered your blog through it and i love it.

    i'm popping you on my favourites list for may


  7. congrats on being a little known lovey - not for long though i'd guess.

    it's quite a gorgeous corner of the www you keep.

    will follow with interest

  8. :) you are most welcome lovely one!!!

    you truly deserved it and congrats on the new followers!


  9. This jacket looks amazing :)

    Love the gold detailing !!

    Char x