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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sorry about the absence! If there was such a thing as blogger's block I would have it. Permanently. School doesn't really help either... or maybe I'm just not creative enough. I might even use half-sentences:

( New Yen magazine! )

Went to the library for the ag assignment, saw Mitchell and Calvin there. And I found this Disney photomosaic book. :D

So, lately I've noticed that I should blog more often. Plus, my Bloglovin says I update 0 times a week LOL. Is there anything you want to see on here? It might be a good challenge for me...

P.S. Since the last post I got to 100 followers (which is 102 now). So yaay, thanks to everyone that's reading / following! :D And I'm really sorry about how disjointed this post is, haha.

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  1. i bought yen yesterday too! :) Cant wait to read it

  2. Photography or fashion posts
    I love your blog :)
    Ruby xxx

  3. This is quite a funny blog. It quite weird reading about you and school, since I live in Europe and ive had SUMMER holidays since like june xD Poor you i suppose! cute blog btw! im loving the layout.

  4. Haha, I guess I'm just used to summer holidays in December. And thanks for commenting, btw!

  5. Wait, I dk about Yen magazine :/

    Maybe you could do personal style posts?

  6. WOW the photomosaic book is amazing! I've never seen anything like it :O