Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some random photos from the party yesterday. The twins are so cute! :D So you may or may not have noticed my layout's different. It isn't even really, but tell me yay/nay? Is it disorientating? LOL.

What my suitcase looks like right now. This is gonna be the last post before I leave for Japan for tomorrow, so... goodbye :0 I might have internet overseas but I won't have time to blog. And I think I'll miss everyone a lot while I'm gone, but the whole trip will probably fly past before I know it. So I hope everyone has a good holiday... I'll see you all again on the 8th!

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  1. i hope you have a lovely trip!

  2. They are indeed cute!

    Have a great trip :)

  3. Hey can you tell me how you edit your photos?

  4. Thanks Kani and Ruth! :D

    Anonymous, I actually only fixed up the lighting in this post with curves. But usually I use a vintage-y effect from here

  5. Aww so cute! :D

    OMG JAPAN! Have a great trip! I've always wanted to go. Dx

  6. any room in that suitcase for me? i wanna go to japan! :P have to safe and amazing trip girl