by the wayside

Our whole family went city today. I sorta wanted to get new clothes but instead just got polka-dot tights. They're pretty :) YAY, I can wear them in autumn, which starts on Monday XD

So... we got to the city sometime in the morning, and went into Myer. The usual stuff's there... I was gonna check out the camera I wanted but there was a staff person there and it'd be weird if I didn't buy it. ><" At Kinokuniya there was a craft fair thingo and this chick made these miniature foods. THEY WERE SO AWESOME *0*

And Aranzi Aronzo stuff, I want one of the books but I guess I'm not skilled enough to make them :l

Macarons. Again. KYLEEN that's (sorta) the ones I'm talking about:

OH, I didn't go to Morning Glory for a month, right? AND IT'S FULL DIFFERENT. And pink. It's really pretty now though, and everything's colour-coded 8D

... That's all we had time for. We always end up going to the same places every time anyway, LOL. Oh... maybe I should start studying English. That assessment's on Monday even though it's a no-English day so... damn. GOODBYE.
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on the back of a hurricane

Today was pretty boring. But I'm blogging. Just because I haven't updated in five whole days :O I blame school of course, it's mostly English stuff even though Mrs. Young never checks it, JEEZ. The rest of this week will be lonely, lucky ones who get to go on Year 7 camp... Seriously, it was the best. Camp. EVER. Or maybe it was second to M.I.A... Hehe.

Mm sushi... Even though I took that yesterday LOL. It looks weird, but whatever. I can't wait seven (?) months from now. Just thinking about Japanese food makes me all excited :DD
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send a postcard

What to wear... We have so many mufti days now IT'S NOT FUNNY. I heard we're not allowed to wear flats either, which is stupid. Because I only have flats... But I LOVE these shoes I painted ages ago, I've probably worn them once, so I might wear them tomorrow. Oh, don't you think it's funny how my room's all brown-ey coloured and I have all black and white clothes? When we move I want my room exactly the same but with shelves :D
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like you imagined

Happy V-Day / Chinese New Year everyone! :D Even though I don't really celebrate either but whatever. Btw I love this bubble thing Carmen got :D So... if you've been reading for ages you'll probably remember when I made cookies here. Well I made them again! I think they're better, much more cracked. And they're choc-chip if you can't tell, LOL.

On another note I really wanna make macarons. But apparently they're super hard to make, damn :l One day I will...
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bursting at the seams

Oh gosh I'm so tired... Swimming carnival is the best waste of a day, HAHA. Except it was so sunny and I got burnt and more tanned... pfft. I'm definitely bringing swimmers next year, TOO MUCH WATER. You guys know who you are, evil D:<

... FAR OUT after the carnival, the six of us on the train missed our stop. Because the doors in ours and the next carriage didn't open, LOL. What a way to cap the day, and I had a nosebleed in the car later. Must've been the sun... or too much excitement.

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a thousand hugs

HELLO. So my last post was four days ago... feels so long... o__o Anyway, I think it seems that way cos school is so boring these days. But it should be fun this week! Oh look what I made for ** ** LOL:

YEAH. I really hope she doesn't read my blog secretly or something... But anyway, it's not like she'll know what's inside right? ;) Damn, we have three mufti days this and next week. SO STUPID. I HAVE NO MORE CLOTHES. I guess it's too easy to raise money that way, huh. Oh, note to myself, I really really really want this bag from kikki.K. SO CUTE. My donkey tote's old now.

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cloudy with a chance of...

FRIDAY. YES. I thought this week would never end... Anyway. The weather in Sydney now is so weird. It's pretty cloudy and really warm, but suddenly it starts pooouring and thundering and crap. Oh, swimming carnival's next week and the Macarthur's theme's Mexican o_o I hate yellow too, so I don't know what to wear, dilemma...

I took these today, to practise? My dad says I take bad photos, PFFT. They look fine to me :b Except these are a bit weird, they were super dark before but I lightened them and they look a little grainy... Well I'm tired, so GOOD NIGHT, even though it's 5 o'clock. I'll post something better another day.

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