if you wanted the sky

Yesterday was a good day! Went to Country Fair and Mitchell's party, even though I don't have pictures from the latter because I don't like my compact much. Anyway, from Country Fair:

Art exhibition thing and Carmen being strange...

BABY KID (not really)! When Tracey tried to hold it, it started bleating uncontrollably and I think it peed on Alvin, HAHA.

Boring sheep. I should've taken my DSLR to Mitchell's, but all my bags are too small for it :/ Anyway, that's it for now. And I need to study for science and history. I'll post something more interesting later, promise!
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while i'm gone

Mm, carrot cake. My mum's so weird, people were coming over yesterday so she baked it so the house would smell 'nice'. Who even does that, LOL. At least the cake's good. It doesn't really taste like carrots, haha.

Yesterday I got more star paper as well. It's so nice and shiny! :0 I have this jar of stars to fill, but it's gonna take FOREVER. It'll look nice when it's done though, so I want more. On another note, I'm pretty excited for the rest of this week - missing class + Saturday should be fun. Frankie comes out on Wednesday too, so it's definitely a good week. Anyway, I hope everyone's having a good Monday! :D
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shining, shimmering, splendid

If I'm not mistaken, my last post was Wednesday last week... Sorry about being inconsistent! Anyway, yesterday I went to Christie's birthday and wore that. It was nice to leave the house for once in my life LOL. So thanks Christie! Plus everyone say happy birthday to Nikkida, it's hers today :D

I really need to figure out how take full shots of myself. And have pictures of my shoes. Maybe when I get a remote someday... Or force my siblings to take photos and be my minions, HAHA. Not that my clothes are that interesting, they're mostly just black. Note to self: remember to buy more colours!
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dreams that scatter

Hello! :D Today was decidedly a good day to blog, so in dot points:
  • I don't like these photos very much.
  • That is my list of movies to watch, to be continued.
  • I'm DESPERATE to watch the Haruhi movie.
  • I happen to like handwriting. Even if I only write stuff so it looks pretty...
  • I got 10 for the history assignment and I won't lie, I'm pretty happy about it. WOHOO, why do I only do well in the non-important subjects?!
  • McDonald's cookies are good. And honey flavoured, I think.
  • That reminds me, I can't wait to eat Japanese McDonald's. LOL.
Well, this has been a really irrelevant post... Sorry for boring you! I really do have nothing to blog about. I can't wait til the weekend, so... until then!
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