Some random photos from the party yesterday. The twins are so cute! :D So you may or may not have noticed my layout's different. It isn't even really, but tell me yay/nay? Is it disorientating? LOL.

What my suitcase looks like right now. This is gonna be the last post before I leave for Japan for tomorrow, so... goodbye :0 I might have internet overseas but I won't have time to blog. And I think I'll miss everyone a lot while I'm gone, but the whole trip will probably fly past before I know it. So I hope everyone has a good holiday... I'll see you all again on the 8th!
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one thought at a time

I haven't posted random pictures here in awhile! But then again, I guess the stuff I post's pretty random. Oh well then... When I was little some Thai people stayed with us, and the girl bought me this! I forgot her name, though D:

... I didn't eat my sandwich today so I toasted it :D

New favourite shoes! They're replacing my other brogues that died.

I hardly wear jewellery, but I really like this necklace. 2 for $10! :D So, next week's the last week of school and I'm extremely excited. FOR JAPAN. I think once I go, my whole life will be made (story of my life)... Speaking of that, I need to start packing. Anyway, I hope everyone's having a good Friday!
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painted faces

As you can see, I'm an extremely bored child. And I was meant to start my history essay today, WHOOPS. Oh well, I was actually bothered to set up my tripod and everything. And I used this sparkly texture (from here) for the first photo.

Hah, the pictures sort of join together! I ended up laddering these tights today and should get new ones, but it's spring already. It doesn't even seem like it though... WEATHER. STOP BEING COLD. I should try taking more photos outside. Except it's kind of awkward. Maybe another day then when no one's watching, haha.
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isn't she lovely

So... everyone's out partying tonight. I'm such a sad person *TEARS* but my grandparents are coming over for dinner anyway. And it's so cold right now! :0 Anyway, today I went to the shops with the intent of getting stuff for Japan trip and more coloured clothes. Instead I ended up buying:

Purple sparkly nail polish. I hardly have any nail polish... And it was on sale :D

Sparkly tights even though it's spring.

A back-up formal dress that was half-price. It has spots on the inside and I DON'T LIKE THEM. That can be fixed though... I'll probably wear it if I don't find a nicer one or get (miraculously) skinnier.

Oh, my mum's obsessed with caramel slice, right? She made some yesterday, so somehow I don't think that'll help my cause OMNOMNOMNOM. Anyway, happy Father's Day for tomorrow guys! Although I heard in America it's in June, wow. I don't know how to end this now, so bye!
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