open happiness

Some new purchases. So, as it happens, New Year's Eve has crept up on us and 2010 is ending. I'm not (usually) one to get sentimental on my blog, but this year has been pretty good to me, if not amazing. 20 THINGS I DID IN 2010:

1. Won Erimentha's Little Known Lovelies award!  2. Finished my junior years of high school  3. Went to Japan :D  4. Went to Disneyland  5. Moved houses  6. Had a lot of school parties  7. Talked to different people  8. Learnt more about my friends  9. Grew my hair a tad longer  10. Took more photos  11. Grew at least two centimetres  12. Screamed out Disney songs in the middle of the donut quad LOL  13. Bought an Instax camera  14. Went on probably our last (worthwhile) school camp  15. Sat the School Certificate  16. Got better results than expected  17. Tried to make macarons  18. Failed to make macarons  19. Had Year 10 Formal  20. Acquired a ton of lovely followers :)

I hope you readers all have a great New Year's Eve today! I have a feeling 2011 will be infinite times bigger and better than this year, so make the most of it. I'll see you on the other side :0
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wishing you a very...

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you're having a splendid day wherever you are :D
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sugar town

Two days til Christmas! This year it really feels like it's crept up on us, or is that just me? Oh well... yesterday I went to the city and bought some stuff. I've been dying to go shopping lately, so YAY:

Satchel I've been eyeing for awhile. It fits my DSLR, so I'm happy :D

Magnets for my magnetic board. They only had these and the hooked ones...

High-waisted shorts that feel all nice and soft :)

And ruled notebooks... I meant to buy plain paged ones, but I accidentally switched them for ones with lines FUUU. Oh well. Instead I guess I can use them for... study next year :c Hope everyone's enjoying their holidays so far!
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in the sun

So, last week my summer holidays started off with a bang. NOT. I've been really bored, and being stuck indoors doesn't help much. Ah well. There's still... six weeks of holidays left for me? In the meantime, here are some summer-ish photos I like. Hope you're having a good day wherever you are! :D

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time of my life

Words to sum up Year 10 Formal last night - TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS. It was so worth the months of anguish preparing/worrying/spazzing out, but all that didn't matter anyway. Onwards:

My shoes that ended up scuffing already, NOOO :C

Class of 2012, you are the best grade in existence. Thanks for everything, 2010 was such a good year! Now don't mind me but I'm going loll around in bed all day, haha. See you soon!
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times like these

So, eleven days, two houses, and one camp has passed since I last updated, and it really feels like an eternity. I AM SO TIRED right now, but nevertheless I have some photos of my new room. Exciting stuff:

I need more magnets. Anyone know where to get them?

Oh yeah, I finally have real shelves now, instead of a tiny little bookcase. YAY! This is very exciting, never mind the fact that I still need a desk and a bed. I plan on fixing everything in the holidays though, and they can't. Arrive. Any. Slower. See you until then!
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