spring has sprung

Saturday, September 03, 2011

1. New earrings 2. 35mm handbook 3. German pancake

Ah, the things you find when you least expect it... Basically I got the book and earrings from Country Fair for 45c all up, so yay! I'm pretty sure they're unused, but I'm paranoid so I bought sterilising spray anyway. Also, I tried making German pancakes this morning. My life is exciting. I think I'll stick to normal pikelets from now on, but the recipe's here if anyone wants to try. Now you're all going to compare my ugly pancakes with Smitten Kitchen's perfect ones, so maybe I shouldn't have done that... Well, hope everyone has a fun weekend! Especially year 11 who should be slogging it out for yearlies right now. Including me. Goodbye until then :)

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  1. You can find the greatest things where you least expect them.

    I can't cook to save my life..I'm a huge supporter of those pikelets you buy at the supermarket haha.

    Love those earrings. x

  2. the earrings are so cute! i love it when i just suddenly find something utterly adorable when i don't expect it. and you can come here to make those pancakes for me anytime :-D x

  3. The pancakes seem nice anyway. But yes, I shall try them soon... looks interesting!

    The book and the earrings seem wonderful. I like the anchors.

  4. cute earrings you got ! especially the big studded ones ;P

  5. love those earrings!

  6. The earrings and pancakes look so good. (haha not mentioning the book because i dislike reading... especially manuals *pulls out hair*) you know i think... i will make a pancake right now...

  7. Ooh those earrings are lovely! And I've never tried German Pancakes before, looks yummy though! x