low red moon

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just some things that I bought recently! The photo album was much needed after I left my Japan photos to collect dust, so I was quite happy when kikki.K actually had it in stock :) So apart from shopping, here's what I've been up to:
  • Going to school
  • Dying from early starts and late finishes
  • Having my first driving lesson (three months after getting my license...)
  • Cursing Sydney's bipolar weather
... and that's about it. Sadly, school doesn't lend many opportunities to go out and take photos, but at least summer's coming up soon? Yay for longer days and no more stockings! And nay, for uncomfortable heat and sun rays! Really, long ago I realised I can't win against the weather so there's no point trying. Have a good weekend or what's left of it, everyone!

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  1. You always have the most exquisite photos! Those lanterns are gorgeous.

  2. I love these little photo posts - I need those shoes and that book in my life! And you think the weather in Sydney has been bi-polar, London has been totally mental over the last month or so!

  3. Oh, the album looks wonderful! You did some good shopping! Yay!
    It's good that summer is on its way to you! You must be tired of school...

  4. love the little lanterns and your socks. :) the weather has been so weird lately, i just want it to get warm and stay warm!

  5. Hey lovely,
    Thanks for your well wishes about school. How are you finding the end of year madness?

    Your life in pictures looks dreamy as ever!
    PS. You can't complain about the weather, Melbourne is the real shocker! hehe

  6. nice ones! these shots seem so comforting :)

  7. Those are great shoes! I love these pictures. I'm so glad summer's coming up for us - and the weather's definitely been ridiculous lately in Sydney.

  8. pretty photos! loving the shoes :)

  9. lovely first photo. :) I actually had to do a research project on the font used for penguin books, gill sans. little known fact..haha

  10. Les photos sont tres belles!!
    Angela Donava