sweet humbling heights

Hi guys! As you may have noticed already, I have a weird habit of bundling all my pictures together... so behold! I now realise how bipolar Australia's weather actually is:

1. Outside my window.
2,3. At my twin cousins' birthday party! Sadly, I don't remember ever getting such awesome cakes as a baby...
4. First attempt making ice-cream for a friend. It was white chocolate flavoured :)
5. The double rainbow I saw this afternoon! :D You could see both ends from my house but my lens isn't wide enough...

... and that concludes my incredibly random update. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Posted by : Mani

in an instance you were gone

Hi guys! It really feels like it's been a long time, and the last update was two weeks ago... I've been neglecting this blog a bit but anyway, here's what I've basically been up to lately:

Making a cake. Or rather, icing a pre-baked one and putting strawberries on :D

Finally developing my Japan/formal photos. It's surreal that I was there less than a year ago and then something like the earthquake happens, NUU :( That framed picture would be the only good photo of me from the whole trip...

New scrapbook and Yen mag that I'll refrain from reading until I study :( Oh yeah, out of procrastination I made this photo montage/collage/whatever you call it... You know, instead of directing my energy to more useful things. Like English. In that case I better start, so best wishes to everyone, especially in Japan!

Posted by : Mani