we won't run

So, today I ventured to the State Library with Carmen since renovations start tomorrow. And since I'd never been to Pancakes on the Rocks, we ate there and I think my stomach could've exploded with the goodness (too much of it!). We also went into random stores, obviously didn't buy anything... but we found Tim Walker's 'Pictures' in Kinokuniya, and it's so beautiful *0* I've decided my cofee table won't be complete until I buy it. Not that I even own a coffee table...

Oh, when I got home my parents told me they're keeping this bird! I can already tell it'll be spoilt, right now we're keeping it indoors with the heater and everything. And yet, my cousins leave their budgie outside and it's lived for more than ten years... HAHA. Anyway, my dad decided to call it Aussie without asking. I, for one, think it's a lame name. But oh well. At least he didn't name me that...
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through your eyes

by suki

So, as it turns out I'm having one of those days. You know, days when you just want to throw your hands up in disgust and curse the date for not being on the other end of the calendar. Or, days when you just want to hibernate under your covers in a giant huddle, and hope that when you wake up all your problems have disappeared. The weather in Sydney's miserable right now, and I only have my homework and assignments to keep me company. In other words, I'm just tired. SIGH.

Anyway, nothing like a bunch of fluffy animals to make everyone feel better! Not that I've owned any fluffy pets, but I could look at them all day. Promise I'll be back with photos when the sun's out again :)
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just a minute

Listening... Raindrops - Regina Spektor

Eating... my chocolate macarons that failed (again). They're an improvement from my last attempt here, but alas, they're too hollow. If there's a macaron god out there listening, tell me your secrets! =='

Feeling... sick from too much chocolate in said macarons :s

Also feeling... accomplished from getting my L's. I'm still yet to actually sit in the driver's seat, but whatever. :)

A quick meme that I got from Daydream Lily. Perfect for people who can't be bothered typing coherent sentences (i.e. me)! Tomorrow I have school again, which also makes me sad. I quite enjoyed waking up to do nothing all holidays :(
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tea for one

Hi guys! Since the holidays started, nothing much has been happening for me. I swear, if school didn't get me to leave the house, I could probably be a hermit for the rest of my life... BUT, I went out yesterday and bought this tea for one set! It still holds an awful lot of tea for one person, and no one else in my house likes to drink it... but oh well.

Also, I bought white sneakers that were on sale. The only other pair of white sneakers I had were purely for painting purposes, but I think I'll leave these as is :) No better way to end this, so bye until next time!
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delayed devotion

So, it seems that since my last post, I've become sleep deprived and also incapable of making any blog posts. But behold, it's finally holiday time again! Not that I'm free of work (which I'll probably ignore), but right now I'm looking forward to bonding with my pillow as much as possible.

Anyway, just some photos from my cousin's wedding last weekend. In case you can't tell, Lao weddings are sort of a huge conundrum... And being me, the only good part was the food :b Until we meet again, bye!
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