5cm per second

Really, I only had to watch this movie's trailer to know that I'd fall in love with it... the story's just so bittersweet, and pretty much every frame is a work of art. I was actually getting emotional by the end of it, but the only thing that really makes me cry is 1 Litre of Tears. EVERY TIME.

Anyway, I finished my exams this week so year 11's finally done and dusted! While I have freedom I plan on lots of sleeping, eating, and shopping for stationery in the hope that it'll motivate me to study. That may sound like an excuse, but from experience, you can never have too much stationery... *cue evil laugh* Enjoy your holidays, everyone!

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black skies posing blue

Sometimes, my logic kills me... Right now my brain's saying, 'I have exams in two days, I should blog to remove my means of procrastination!' I guess that would be effective if I didn't manage to find distractions in everything... and if I'd actually done some work already. Meep.

Moving on, I got my film back this week! I'm pretty happy considering I've never used my Spotmatic before, but I still need a lot more practice. Case in point, I kinda blurred Anna in one of the photos... Also, I have a feeling that developing will hurt my hip pocket, so we'll see about that. That's it for now, so good luck fellow year 11s in your yearlies, and I'll be back in two weeks time!

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spring has sprung

1. New earrings 2. 35mm handbook 3. German pancake

Ah, the things you find when you least expect it... Basically I got the book and earrings from Country Fair for 45c all up, so yay! I'm pretty sure they're unused, but I'm paranoid so I bought sterilising spray anyway. Also, I tried making German pancakes this morning. My life is exciting. I think I'll stick to normal pikelets from now on, but the recipe's here if anyone wants to try. Now you're all going to compare my ugly pancakes with Smitten Kitchen's perfect ones, so maybe I shouldn't have done that... Well, hope everyone has a fun weekend! Especially year 11 who should be slogging it out for yearlies right now. Including me. Goodbye until then :)
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