my cherie amour

Just some food from Max Brenner I never got around to posting. I really eat too much sugar for my own good... but anyway, I'd never eaten there and the white chocolate chai made it so sweet :0 But it was good! I pretty much have a giant list of places I have to try, so I can't wait til the holidays to go on food adventures. Don't laugh by the way, I'm just obsessed with eating :b Hope everyone's having a nice day!
Posted by : Mani

like a star

Try as I might, I can never seem to get good photos of stars. Or the sky in general. I guess living where it's impossible to stargaze is something I'll have to deal with, but wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere to do just that! You know, just as long as said place is not some Alpine mountaintop, then I'd be keen...

Anyway, the best way to describe where I've been lately is... in limbo. Knowing it's almost my last year of school makes me pretty distressed, and confused about what I want to do once I leave forever. It also doesn't help that I'm not particularly good at anything, or anything worth doing anyway. But that's for me to ponder over. Good night readers, and thank you for sticking around for so long!
Posted by : Mani