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Thursday, January 26, 2012

1. Delicious madeleines my mum baked  2. Some guy was drawing this on Pitt Street! Too bad it rained and the next time I went it disappeared  3 & 4. Tokusen ribeye steak from Pepper Lunch  5. My shoesies

Just some random shots I took over the past week! I'm not one of those people who take hundreds of pictures at a time, so that sort of makes picking photos harder... Anyway, school starts pretty soon and I am really not pumped. Usually I would go through the whole shebang of buying new stationery, supplies and bags but this year I'm just so lazy! I've really got to get my mojo back, or maybe I'm just too old to get excited about going back to school anymore.

By the way, happy Australia Day guys! Never mind that if you're not Australian, but hopefully everyone's celebrating on this... extremely cloudy day, in Sydney anyway. Nevertheless, have a nice public holiday!

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  1. Happy Australian Day to you too!
    Hopefully the day clears up so some of us Australians can fully celebrate it!

    I love the whole buying new pens/books for school but this year I don't even know what I need which kind of kills the fun but still.. the idea of buying new stationary stuff is very exciting!

  2. Lovely photos, those shoes look amazing!

  3. Oh those pictures are looking neat! The madeleines are looking tasty!! And I knooooow, buying new stationary used to be one of my favourite things to do before the school year started, and now I'm like... "nahhh..."

  4. hope your school year brightens up soon :) and those shoes are so cute!

  5. Wow, I love your blog!

    Also, those are some pretty spectacular madeleines, I wish my mom could bake like that;)

  6. cute!!!


  7. your blog is so sweet! I just fell in love with it! <3
    your pictures are amazing! :3
    and I love Japan, too! x

  8. Madeleines look so yummy!

  9. Fun shots! Your blog is so charming! :)

  10. I <3 Madeleine's! You have such a sweet blog :)

    From Brooklyn with love,


  11. The food looks delicious and the shoes are adorable <3