wherever you go

1. Delicious madeleines my mum baked  2. Some guy was drawing this on Pitt Street! Too bad it rained and the next time I went it disappeared  3 & 4. Tokusen ribeye steak from Pepper Lunch  5. My shoesies

Just some random shots I took over the past week! I'm not one of those people who take hundreds of pictures at a time, so that sort of makes picking photos harder... Anyway, school starts pretty soon and I am really not pumped. Usually I would go through the whole shebang of buying new stationery, supplies and bags but this year I'm just so lazy! I've really got to get my mojo back, or maybe I'm just too old to get excited about going back to school anymore.

By the way, happy Australia Day guys! Never mind that if you're not Australian, but hopefully everyone's celebrating on this... extremely cloudy day, in Sydney anyway. Nevertheless, have a nice public holiday!
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in film grain

by Akané

by Ed Glazar

by Page C

So the next present giving occasion (my birthday, hint hint) is still months away, but I can't help wanting a Lomo LC-A+! From photos I've seen it seems to have such a nice quality, and is light and compact as well. Too bad I can't really justify spending so much on an analogue camera, especially when film developing is so expensive already... Anyhow, I'll be keeping an eye on eBay just in case!
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something new

Clockwise: Sportsgirl wallet, 'Sunflowers', rabbit earrings, Cath Kidston pouch, Typo frame and sketchpad

Slightly delayed, but happy new year everyone! Evidently I haven't done much between now and Christmas, save for shopping... a lot. I also went out for dumplings and pastries with my cousin, and regretfully didn't bring a camera! Really, carrying a DSLR is inconvenient 99% of the time and what I need is a compact that takes decent snapshots... For the rest of the holidays, I guess I'm looking forward to shopping, eating out more and hopefully taking more pictures. I really need to expand my horizons, don't I... something to work on in 2012. Well, here's to a new year ahead of us!
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