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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

They say that girls can be classified as either bag or shoe lovers, so if that's the case then I definitely fall under the latter category. Pretty much all handbags look the same to my untrained eyes, so it's probably not surprising that my collection is black and inconspicuous as possible! Handbags just don't strike a special chord in my heart, and if I could get away with it I'd probably choose to carry nothing on my person... On the other hand, I'm also quite nosy and it's pretty ironic that I love seeing 'what's in my bag' type videos and posts on the interwebs. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the stuff that I usually carry around with me (hover over the first picture for numbers!):

1. Colorado leather backpack: Believe it or not this was a thrift purchase, and possibly the best one I've ever made. It fits a surprising amount of junk including my DSLR camera (not pictured here for obvious reasons).

2. Clean & Clear blotting paper: When I first bought this I was overwhelmed by the amazing grapefruit scent, but it's sadly faded since then! This stuff's useful for avoiding the dreaded shiny face, especially on hot summer days.

3. Train ticket: These always seem to be floating around my bag, which is a really bad habit of mine... More often than not it has led to instances where I've stopped traffic by accidentally using an expired ticket in the machine, whoops!

4, 6. Earphones and Samsung Galaxy S2: These are used for apps and musical needs, more than anything else. Besides, who uses a phone for the sole purpose of texting nowadays...

5. Fish coin purse from my grandmother. I've accumulated a ridiculous number of coins and decided my wallet was getting too heavy, so any loose change has been delegated to my fishy friend here.

7. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula concentrated cream: This stuff is divine and smells like chocolate, need I say more?! Apart from smelling delicious, it also does a pretty good job of keeping my hands soft in the colder seasons.

8. Oroton wallet: I posted about this wallet almost two years ago, and it's still going strong! Even though it's not as shiny as it used to be, it gets the job done and I still love it.

10, 11, 12. Unnecessary stash of lip products, namely the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Honey, Carmex strawberry lip balm and Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple. The only thing I really need is the balm stain, so much so that the markings on the tube have completely rubbed off... Anyway, I can't say enough good things about this product! The shade 'Honey' is especially great, it's definitely a my-lips-but-better kind of colour.

9, 13, 14, 15. kikki.K pen from Kat, Tic Tacs, vintage mirror from grandma, my keys and Totoro who guards them for me.

So there you have it, those are the contents of my bag! Admittedly I haven't been taking it out much after the semester recently ended for me, so instead I'm currently in the middle of a crying marathon. No really, I've decided to rewatch the drama 1 Litre of Tears for some bizarre reason and every episode's like an emotional battle... Not to say that it isn't an amazing story (it really is!), but if you want to save face I suggest you don't watch in the presence of other people. Who knew crying could be such good entertainment? Anyway, hope you're having a good week and see you soon!

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  1. You have such cute focal accessories in your bag! I adore the little fish coin purse and your Totoro keyring, and your bag/backpack itself is really sweet, I've been browsing backpacks all week! xx

  2. I had no idea that Clean & Clear had grapefruit scented oil blotting sheets! It sounds divine! I can't wait to read more from you. I'm definitely following to keep up with your blog. Your photos are stunning!

  3. Yay I love 'whats in my bag' posts really :P
    I should do one as well... I really love the
    fish coin bag from your grandma! It looks
    so cute and so sturdy! I also have the same
    Clean & Clear blotting paper c: I think its
    nice ;P


  4. I don't think I am either a bag or shoe girl to be honest haha and you've got me wondering which one I could possible be! I think I watched a few episodes of 1 Litre Of Tears in year 9 and it is indeed so sad :(

  5. I love your backpack, good find! Aww your fish purse is so cute. I love seeing what other people have in their bags, even though there's nothing interesting in mine haha.

  6. SAME haha my only handbag is at least 5 years older than me (seriously). What's in my bag photos are fun! :D

    I LOVE your bag, and that fish purse! ♥

  7. ah this makes my heart so happy! so organised and lovely xx

  8. Your fish pouch is so cute, you are so organised dear

  9. I love these kind of posts! Earphones and handcream are a must in everyone's bag, isn't it! :D xx

  10. I like your backpack! The fish purse is really cute. (: I don't really like carrying bags around either, but I need somewhere to put my camera. ): Ah, I cried so much watching 1 Litre of Tears...

  11. hehe i love reading posts of whats in other peoples bags! u have such cute stuff :D

    glad to find another greater sydney blogger <3 lets keep in touch

    xx Michelle

    p.s thanks for dropping by :D

  12. love the bag!!
    pretty post )
    have a nice day!

    Angela Donava

  13. The fish coin purse look so cute. I wish we had the hand cream over here too <3




  14. Love the little vintage mirror and you coin purse; soo cute! :) Nice bag too. Love your blog! xo

  15. I'm definitely a bag rather than shoe girl :p I also have a load of unnecessary lip products in my bag at all times hehe

  16. love this post!

    christian | my blog :
    greetings from hong kong
    peace. x

  17. Like your fish coin wallet :)