berry pavlova

Monday, September 09, 2013

If I inherited a sweet tooth from anyone, my mum would definitely be the person to blame. While she has an unbridled passion for food in general (especially of the spicy variety), for as long as I can remember she has been making all kinds of cakes and desserts. If only her arsenal of culinary skills was something that could also be passed down, but I digress!

Anyway, if you've been living under a rock and have never heard of pavlova I'll give you the lowdown! It's basically a decadent meringue topped off with whipped cream and fruits, and it's incredible. While I'm quite sure you can buy baking kits for them here in Australia, my mum seems to have perfected the recipe after years of ending up with depressingly hollow meringue shells. I've never come across a person who can resist it, so keep reading for the recipe:

Take note - the meringue has to stand up like this by itself! It may take a lot of work to get to this point, but it's worth it.

Berry pavlova recipe (makes one pavlova):
4 egg whites
1 cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 teaspoon corn flour
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
Thickened cream
Mixed berries

1. Preheat oven to 150°C (170°C fan-forced) and line a tray with baking paper.
2. Beat egg whites until stiff, then add half the sugar whilst continuing to beat. Mix in the rest of the corn flour, vinegar, and cream of tartar.
3. Gradually add the rest of the sugar whilst beating the mixture until it is thick and glossy. The meringue should form stiff peaks, and not sink into the rest of the mixture.
5. Spread the meringue onto the baking tray with a spatula, and shift it until it's the shape you want (I doubled the recipe, so two meringues are pictured here).
6. Bake for 5 minutes, then reduce oven temperature to 90-100°C and continue to bake for 1 hour.
7. Leave the pavlova to cool in the oven. Whip cream and defrost berries if necessary.
8. Spread as much cream and berries as you want on your pavlova! If you don't like berries, this would also work with any other type of fruit.

So there you have it! Admittedly it's not the neatest looking dessert, but I can vouch for the fact that the marshmallowy centre is to die for. It's also surprisingly simple, considering that I'm not great at baking and even forgot to include the vinegar and cream of tartar this time (oops)! Thankfully it still turned out well, but maybe if you add them your pavlova will be able to heal unicorns or something like that. Anyway, if you happen to give this a try let me know!

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  1. This looks incredible, Mani! I'm terrible at baking and creating sweet dishes/desserts, but am certainly going to pass this over to my sister and Mama for their... perusal ;) thanks for the lovely comments on my blog too - so kind of you! x

  2. Looks delicious!! <3

  3. OH my goodness! How delicious is that?! I've been dying to make a pavlova for some time now, but don't know who would eat it with me :(

    1. There's no harm in eating it by yourself, right? ;) Maybe you can try halving the recipe if it seems like too much!

  4. I always see people making pavlova in Masterschef :P
    This one looks absolutely stunning and great!
    Thanks for the recipe! Xx

  5. OMG, my eyes actually widened when I saw the photo preview for this post! It looks gorgeous and insanely delicious. xo

  6. Whaaaat that looks so amazing. I love meringue so I'd probably end up just eating the base by itself hahaha.

  7. i love pavlova! I used to make it all the time for my friends in sweden cos it was super easy to make! you have such a lovely blog! Im following you on GFC now! Hope you follow back :)

  8. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog. Frankly I have never eaten pavlova before, am thinking to make this in one day, but this day never happen yet, ^_^. Love your pavlova with a lot of berries.

  9. Omgggg look at all those berries! It looks so good :) Don't judge me when I tell you that I have never had a pavlova before haha!

  10. OH MY! This looks amazing! Your blog is so lovely too :) xo

  11. this looks sooooo yummy! it's healthy because of the fruit, right? :)

    Lady à la Mode

  12. This looks absolutely delish! Will have to try the recipe!

    PS. We've a $150 giveaway to Nasty Gal on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like!

    Davie and Erica

  13. omg that looks incredibly delicious!! i want a piece!! :P

  14. That looks so amazing and delicious! My mouth literally started watering as soon as I saw your pictures!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment. I am now following you on GFC and Bloglovin and I hope you will too. I look forward to reading your posts!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose and Pretty Clothes

  15. looks super super yummy!!!! arghhh.. to bad I saw this on the middle of the night!! and love the pics.. look super real.. :)
    thank you for your comment.. I' following you now.. wish you too dear..♥

  16. This looks so good! My mom made a pavlova with just strawberries a while ago and it was super delicious <3 Unfortunately I'm terrible at baking, so I'll just have to visit my mom more often ;)

  17. Pavlova is a family favourite :) Love the look of yours! I definitely have a sweet tooth! :)