dinner at mamma's

Our starter of mozzarella sticks with napoletana sauce

As I've gradually eased into the grind of studying again, I've been finding it harder and harder to keep up with old friends lately. It seems like everyone (myself included) is just so busy, and I'm really not used to making an effort to see people (I swear I'm not completely antisocial, though)! Anyway, that's why last week I was pretty excited to meet up for a friend's 18th at Mamma's Pizza & Pasta bar. Admittedly I've never really eaten out for Italian food at a proper restaurant, which is pretty shocking considering it's one of my favourites. We started off with some mozzarella sticks and dipping sauce, and what can I say? It'd be hard to say no to anything that's this cheesy and indulgent...

Spinach and ricotta lasagna, chicken penne pasta and pork and fennel meatballs with spaghetti

I stole a bite of my friend's lasagna sauce, and wow. It tasted so fresh and tomato-like, for lack of a better word! My chicken penne pasta was pretty delicious too, not overwhelmingly gluggy or sickening like some cream sauces I've had in the past. Plus, the pasta itself had a really nice bite to it. Much more than I can say about any pasta that I've bought from the supermarket and cooked up at home...

Wild berry cheesecake and chocolate mousse

Most of the dinner party stopped there, but our side of the table couldn't leave without sampling dessert. A surprising number of people I know aren't keen on chocolate, but personally? I could eat it all day if it weren't for my stupid conscience! Whipped cream isn't something I'm usually keen on, but that mousse was so darn good. It was just how it should be - packed with chocolatey flavour, but still light and airy at the same time.

Anyway, that's all for now. Once again I'm procrastinating from an essay that I barely know how to write, so I guess I'll be needing as much luck as possible to get me through this torture... that being said, thanks for reading and I'll see you again soon!
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bits and bobs

In case there was any doubt about it, I really wasn't exaggerating when I said that uni life makes me poor... Finding myself alone in such close proximity to the shops is a recipe for disaster, and you can probably guess what ends up happening then! Now that I think about it I should probably write up a budget for the first time in my life, but whatever... that wouldn't make for much interesting blogging, would it now?

First off - some earrings from Diva. My ears feel really bare without jewellery in them, so it's nice to have a few simple pairs to choose from!

Skull jumper from Dotti and long-sleeved tee from Agent Ninety-nine. Since starting uni I've realised that I have almost no casual clothes in my closet, so these tops should suffice... at least, I think they should when the weather finally starts to cool down a bit.

Reading material. To be honest, I'm not really in the right mindset to be reading right now but I just couldn't leave Jane Eyre behind... I mean, how gorgeous is that cover?! They happened to have other titles with similar designs, making the thought of the whole collection oh so tempting...

Some boring stuff from Priceline - dry shampoo, nude lipstick from Rimmel, glass nail file and an angled eyeliner brush. Moving on from my shopping habits, Sydney weather has really been annoying me lately! I'm just so anxious for autumn weather to kick in, but those stubborn higher temperatures aren't going away any time soon. On that note, I hope you're having better weather than I am at the moment, and see you soon!
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dancing through life

The title of this post is a bit misleading, considering I've been doing anything but dancing through life recently! In a nutshell, I've started uni and so far I've been bombarded with endless readings... I've also become a little obsessed with the Wicked soundtrack even though I've never seen the musical (and probably won't for a long time coming). Anyway, on the weekend I had yum cha with my extended family and honestly? The food wasn't that great and pretty expensive to top it all off... still, meeting up with cousins is always a good time so I enjoyed myself!

My baby cousin! Now that I think about it she's gotten really big... as in, I think the last time I saw her was when she was a newborn, wow.

Egg tarts, some squid dish, mango sago with grapefruit and mango pancakes... if isn't already obvious, I'm definitely a dessert person!

It's a bit random, but don't those light fixtures remind you of cupcake cases?! The moment I realised I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

One of those lookout devices! I wanted to try it so badly but at the grand price of $2, it just wasn't going to happen...

Afterwards we went to a place at North Head sanctuary, which was actually so nice! There's a lookout that you can park in front of and... look out at the harbour. I imagine it'd be so beautiful to visit and watch the sunrise or something...

My shoes against the freakishly bright grass. Anyway, that's pretty much my weekend. They've become less and less interesting as I've discovered that uni life is expensive and I need to count my pennies from now on... how I miss school and the days of free public transport! Hopefully you guys are having a good week, and I'll be seeing you again soon.

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