walking on a dream

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How awesome was school sport today? We were meant to have this basketball guy coming, but he never showed up. So the teacher basically just threw basketballs at us and we shot hoops. Oh my gosh, we were trying to shoot backwards and Kristina actually got it in. How pro is that?! Tracey was gonna shout the person a honey nougat, but she just wanted to reward herself. There, there child. XD

I actually brought my camera today! But yeah, only a few photos, because they were mostly weird pictures of me and Nikkida, and I don't know how Ngoc and Li Sa would feel about being plastered on the internet... But it's okay that I show pics of you two, right? ;D

Random... it turned out quite okay. I like this kind of blur, NOT motion blur.

GO TRACEY, no one sits near you cos you smell. Just kidding, WE LOVE YOU.

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