through the looking-glass

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Above is from the sweet-as Alice editorial, by Vogue. SO PRETTY, would post all of it, but nah. School's on tomorrow. CRAP. You know, I underestimated when our english speech was due. And I decided to change the subject so I wasted more time. But never fear, I have a crappy mise-en-scene and draft so I'm all good ;D

Dammit, I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow! All holidays I've been either alone, or with family. Alone, family, alone, family, it's a cycle. So I can't wait see to different people. Although I saw Rak on Friday, who turned out to be in the same cinema as me, but NO we didn't notice til the end. XD Speaking of which, HP6 was such a letdown compared to the book. It was too brief even though it was three hours long. They should've made two films. Or that's just me talking. Okay, I'll stop.

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