a new day is dawning

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Well, week one of school's already over... Only nine left? Not sure, maybe it's ten. Time is too fast (for me) D: Anyway, today, went out to Westfields to get shoes and maybe a new bag. Came back with forty dollar lace-ups. They're quite nice, except I wanted higher heels. Because I really need them? OF COURSE I DO. GAAH, I really need a new bag cos the zipper on my leather one's broken and... it hurts my fingers to open it. A good bag's gonna be hard to find; my shoulders are too weak for a handbag-thing and a pretty backpack without a surfy logo probably doesn't exist. Also, it has to be somewhere in Australia :C

Really cute one by Marc Jacobs. *SALIVATES*

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