twist and shout

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh man, PE today was so tiring. SO DAMN UNFIT. Not to mention being knocked down more than once, and me, Tracey and Lisa all getting hit in the chest, GAAH. Ah well, it was still fun even though our team lost, but we were still awesome. RED TEAM FTW :D

Dammit, whatever I said a few weeks ago about not liking Miss Sayed I totally take back now. She's actually very nice, but then she went on holidays and left us with... Mrs. Nicholls. OH THE HORROR. I can tell she's hating on us already, and now I have to write up crap for homework. Ahem, next lesson's gonna be awkward, just know it.

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  1. That photo is gorgeous!!

    At least that teacher hasn't left you for good and it's only temporary :)

  2. True, true... I'll still be counting down til she comes back though *shivers*