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Sunday, November 15, 2009

So, today, I went city with Nikkida and Carmen. Mind you, this is a momentous occasion because until now I had never been to city with friends. Except for jap excursion, but that doesn't count. HAHA, I tried to type up a lengthy blog about it but gave up, so here I present to you dot points again:

  • Uhm, we met at Glenfield at exactly 8:30 and didn't waste time waiting for anyone :D
  • Went caps, which was... interesting. I don't get the timer thing on it, it's like a RACE. I'm really noob when it comes to this...
  • Ate sushi, then spent aaages in that corner of market city. I got denim shorts from JayJays which I needed for camp. And I wanted them regardless, so yeah.
  • OH MY GOSH, at Dotti, Nikkida and I saw this chick who had the most awesome outfit... Like, blue Doc Martens (!), bright yellow skirt, navy blazer, and this brooch thing. I should've sneaked a photo, it was SO PRETTY T.T
  • We couldn't afford anything in Hype DC but they DID have pretty mirrors to take photos in... ^^

  • FUNNY MOMENT when were walking back to QVB, and there was a promotion for 'Buy 1 get 1 free' at Easway. So naturally, there was this FRICKIN' MASSIVE line of asians lining up even though there was another store on the next street.
  • Since we're cool (HAHA) we got Starbucks. According to Nikkida it makes you look rich. According to me it's the same price but everyone thinks American stuff is expensive. Got iced chocolate, which was so chocolatey. Like pure chocolate just liquidized in a cup or something, it was SO FULL ON. Anyway, I managed to finish it due to my a) continuous sipping reflex and b) the fact that I got a tall which was half filled with ice anyway.
  • Since Carmen and Nikkida either spent too much or ran out of cash, we just looked in Kinokuniya. DROOL. I saw 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Japanese. I really really wanted it. But it was 22 dollars, boohoo.

Also, we went into that art display section they have and the stuff was really pretty, you should see it before they switch it around again. The frame things are actually badges and earrings, they were so nice!

And and Pokemon origami book we found! 27 bucks, WHAT THE HELL!

This was some light-up tree we found in QVB. Ooh, that rhymes. It was pretty :)

Inside Sg (Sportsgirl accessories) there were really nice odd things, like lanterns / books / vintage radios / FREE MAGAZINES! :D Aah that's all I'm bothered to recount. We have to do all this again but this time buy the Caterpillar book 8)

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