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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Okay so I can't find the original tutorial I used so I'll show how to do the vintage-y thing here... :) I'll be using this random pic of my brother's lunch... (Btw I use Paintshop, so it may or may not be the same as normal Photoshop)

1/ Original:

2/ Add a new layer:

3/ Fill that new layer with dark blue (my one's html is #0a146e)

4/ Set the blue layer to 'Exclusion', instead of 'Normal':

5/ Add another layer, and this time fill with light brown (#955a07)

6/ Set the brown layer to 'Screen', and change it's opacity to around 32 (give or take, depending on your pic).

7/ Done! :)

Sorry if it's not that good but I've never made a tutorial before :0 GL!

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  1. What Paintshop version do you use? Is it 4.12 the old free download one?

    1. I use Paint Shop Pro XI and purchased it. Sorry if this didn't help!