let's update this thing

Ooh, first day of spring tomorrow. Which means it's probably officially not too cold to wear summer clothes now. Yay! Even though I hardly leave the house enough to wear pretty clothes, but that's besides the point.

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i want it now

1. Let's Make Cute Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo
2. Street: The Nylon Book of Global Style
3. The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman
4. Vogue Girl Korea
5. Lula magazine
6. Tim Walker Pictures

My mum thinks books are a waste of money. But you can't find these in any library! :0
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one too many

I miss chairs. And my bed. Eighteen more hours to go, AAAAH. Just goes to show how much time I spend on my ass...

Weird face I have... That's the awesome Frankie poster I mentioned. It's an antelope drinking a milkshake. A MILKSHAKE.

Dead clock. It's Paris', but I killed it. I killed Pucca, too. :O

Trampolines aren't furniture, they're play devices. BAHAHA A LOOPHOLE... My dad's camera's so fun, but I can't really take it out without looking really conspicuous/like a tourist. Shame.
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t minus 15

Um, so there's fifteen minutes til 40 hour famine starts. I was gonna start tomorrow morning, but it turns out Australia's starting now so it ends at noon, Sunday. AM GIVING UP FURNITURE. How sad, my bed's just staring at me, it's so nice and squishy and huge... I'm not going anywhere this weekend either, so I probably won't stuff up. I.e. no chance of having to sit in a public/car seat. So, wish me luck? Donate? I forgot to collect money, better start begging people now...
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twist and shout

Oh man, PE today was so tiring. SO DAMN UNFIT. Not to mention being knocked down more than once, and me, Tracey and Lisa all getting hit in the chest, GAAH. Ah well, it was still fun even though our team lost, but we were still awesome. RED TEAM FTW :D

Dammit, whatever I said a few weeks ago about not liking Miss Sayed I totally take back now. She's actually very nice, but then she went on holidays and left us with... Mrs. Nicholls. OH THE HORROR. I can tell she's hating on us already, and now I have to write up crap for homework. Ahem, next lesson's gonna be awkward, just know it.
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a new day is dawning

Well, week one of school's already over... Only nine left? Not sure, maybe it's ten. Time is too fast (for me) D: Anyway, today, went out to Westfields to get shoes and maybe a new bag. Came back with forty dollar lace-ups. They're quite nice, except I wanted higher heels. Because I really need them? OF COURSE I DO. GAAH, I really need a new bag cos the zipper on my leather one's broken and... it hurts my fingers to open it. A good bag's gonna be hard to find; my shoulders are too weak for a handbag-thing and a pretty backpack without a surfy logo probably doesn't exist. Also, it has to be somewhere in Australia :C

Really cute one by Marc Jacobs. *SALIVATES*
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