cold as they come

Actually went out today, to return library books and get new ones. Argh, it was so annoyingly windy, STOP ALREADY. Well, it was worth it I guess because I got two novels, then this epic book about making socks into animals. IT'S SO AWESOME:

In other news, my room, what a tragedy. TT"

BLAAAH, I shall now go on to procrastinate even more.
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after the storm

So I realise I haven't updated since last week?! Which makes me a very bad blogger, and what more I don't even have anything good to blog about. Shucks. Today was good, gave that damn commerce speech and it was such a fail, BUT I DON'T CARE. Damn, it's getting so hot already, and we had to sit in the sun while I tried hard not to melt.

Oh my god Mr. Peck made us watch this in science. IT'S SO MESSED UP IT'S HILARIOUS. We all started singing it, then sang it again in geography, but Mrs. Johnson didn't even notice. Heh, we thought it'd be funny, but NO.

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get what you want

Okay I know this a bit overdue (one day? Really?) but yeah. Pizza party. Yesterday. I won't even upload every photo cos I'm lazy and I look really bad in them. :)

Hm, I think my camera's dying an awfully slow death. Or I'm losing my skills, OH NOES D:

NGAWWW WHOLE CLASS PHOTO. Epic frisbee game in PE today, HAHA, the frisbee sorta landed in slow motion then it looked funny when you missed it. LOL. That's enough fun for now, commerce speech, maths and jap notes to do this weekend. Joy.
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coming undone

Today was Ngoc's birthday which I was totally unprepared for but I'll make up for it sometime soon. Happy birthday Ngoc! This time, we had a cake in one of the Geo rooms for once and in the other room, there happened to be seniors who Tracey spied on. Anyway, yummy cake was yummy :9 We had one slice left so Carmen give it the other group, and I think they screamed then attacked it, HAHA.

Crap, I'm really scared for exams/assignments/my sanity, IT'S TOO MUCH FOR ME. Well, I guess that amount isn't much for a normal person, and I'm quite challenged. But I don't go tutoring and don't plan to, so there.
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oh what fun

Super-duperly awesome wallet Anna bought.

Anh's fizzy Japanese/lemonade/ice bottle thing. We kept fondling and taking pictures of it, HAHA.

Too much stuff to recount, but anyway. SO FUN... I didn't spend anything for the whole day, how pro am I? Well, I regret it now but at least I got some stuffs after school. So there.
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It appears I haven't blogged in awhile... Huh. Everything's been really fast, this term's nearly over, which means this year's nearly over, which means we don't have that much time left together, SO SAD. Anyway, today in a nuthsell:

1. It's Mariel and Julia's birthday. Happy birthday Mariel and Julia!
2. Miss Sayed is back now. We will hopefully never see Nicholls again. YAY.
3. We had Mr. Morrison for PE. ENOUGH SAID. *cries*
4. Today we learned there are six Japanese verbs for 'wear'. Too hard, dammit...

The rest of this week should be pretty fun, talent quest tomorrow and Jap excursion on Friday! :D Actually, it doesn't seem that exciting anymore... but I still can't wait to go city and expend all my money on whatever pretty/useless crap I can get my hands on. Hehehe...
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