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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dayum it's hot today ==' So yesterday I went to my cousin's house for once, fun times :D We went Vinnies and I got this Minkpink dress that was $10 ZOMG. Also this belt that I don't know what to do with, except maybe take out the studs to put somewhere else... My sister got Mary Janes that were actually tap shoes, LOL. It got annoying though, cos it made this sound whenever her heels or toes touched the ground o.O

Later we went Macquarie centre which is really good, way better than Livvo. It had Wittner and Oroton and an OOVIE MACHINE, LOL. You like, choose a movie, swipe your credit card and then you rent it til the next day. Random but I really like the small Oroton umbrellas, the handles are nice and smooth, HAHA. But 'sif I'd pay $30 for that, the 'O' pattern would clash with everything anyway.

You know what? I never paint my nails. I should do that more. Yeah. (Photo from flickr)

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