old dirt road

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I haven't been posting much again... It must've been because of holidays ending ages ago, but school finishes in two weeks so YAY. Nine days left, I think :)

Went Equip today because I had to buy SOMEONE'S present (please don't be reading this!!), and got this for myself. Haha I love it... the kettle's just so random LOL

New notebook, and the Art of Colour Photography. Heaps of the pages have been ripped and cut out though! o__O I just don't get it... Is it really that worth keeping??

... I love this photo and frame xD I think my dad used to shoot with the film SLR, but it doesn't work anymore. So sad, but he says film's too expensive anyway. I want to try it :/

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  1. Love the little tea pot! So cute. How much was it? I don't check out equip very much, I'm more of a Diva girl.

    I'd love to exchange links, your blog is so cute.

  2. It was half price, $6.50 :) I'd love to exchange links! Your blog's awesome, I already follow it aha

  3. Ooh half price, might have to check it out. My local Equip only ever seems to have ugly stuff though :/

    All added! :)

  4. oh that kettle is so cute! haha and so is your blog! :)