something unusual

Saturday, April 17, 2010

DIVERT YOUR EYES from the grain... D; Anyway this is what I'm wearing right now, but I wore the gold button jumper to watch Alice in Wonderland. FINALLY. Thoughts:
  • It looks like I'm wearing sheer stockings but I'm not. I have really black knees o.o
  • My closet is pitch black. And this dress is really colourful for me.
  • I really liked Alice in Wonderland! Except Alice. Idk... the other characters were just better. Heh :b

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  1. i love the pattern/colors on that skirt, i havent seen that before! i liked alice in wonderland ok- i mostly just paid attention to the outfits/costumes. alice's dresses were gorgeous. <3

  2. The jacket looks really cool!

  3. I love your jacket and the print on that skirt :)

  4. looks wonderful :)
    i quite enjoyed alice in wonderland.. their wardrobes were amazing! ♥

  5. I really like the look of your blog, beautiful!

  6. thanks! :D ty for following as well!

  7. I once have dark knees! I did not like looking at it.. it's ugly. Tip: Use petroleum jelly every night. My knees are brownish now. I'm not really white so that's good.

    Found you via Dream Lily Blog by the way.