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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hello! :D Today was decidedly a good day to blog, so in dot points:
  • I don't like these photos very much.
  • That is my list of movies to watch, to be continued.
  • I'm DESPERATE to watch the Haruhi movie.
  • I happen to like handwriting. Even if I only write stuff so it looks pretty...
  • I got 10 for the history assignment and I won't lie, I'm pretty happy about it. WOHOO, why do I only do well in the non-important subjects?!
  • McDonald's cookies are good. And honey flavoured, I think.
  • That reminds me, I can't wait to eat Japanese McDonald's. LOL.
Well, this has been a really irrelevant post... Sorry for boring you! I really do have nothing to blog about. I can't wait til the weekend, so... until then!

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  1. 500 days of summer is a great movie! it's not exactly "an original chick flick" or what they tried to market it as,
    but it's good nevertheless!

  2. I want to watch 500days of summer and the disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya too ! ;D

  3. definitely following your blog now. seriously inspiring and you take a great deal of wonderful photo <3

  4. I love this list of movies :)
    Yesterday I wanted to rent (500)days of summer, but they had never heard of it! Shocking, hu?

  5. i love your blog ♥
    500 days of summer is a lovely movie!

  6. Thanks for reading guys :D I definitely need to get the movie now!

  7. McDonald's cookies are indeed awesome.

  8. LOVE THAT COOKIE! Haven't seen one for a long time.

  9. Watch 500 Days of Summer- so good!

  10. I've watched the movies on your list...all except "An Education"...I'm dying to watch it too!
    I LOVED 'Spirited Away'...its the cutest movie ever.

  11. cute outfit!