like a fleeting thought

I was gonna blog earlier, but on a whim my mum decides to go DFO where she got two things from Oroton... o___o Yep. I got a plain tee and shorts :) Apart from that... first week of school was Friday? LOL what a joke, but at least week one's gone now hehe. Classes are weird though, I'll have to get used to it. I still forget I'm in year 10! Oh I have a fair few new pages in my scrapbook so here are some:

Look how fat it is already, GOSH. Not long til I need a new one then... Now that I look at it, I notice most of my pics are from catalogues and stuff. Maybe I should put my own photos in... Just a thought.
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you wouldn't like me

That's a suuuuper old photo XD So... school tomorrow. Yay? I just packed my stuff in last year's bag, and it's so heavy :C I reckon going back is less exciting every year, around last year I wouldn't have been able to sleep before school started again, haha. But then again everything is less exciting when you get older, so I probably won't have ANY excitement left in me when I'm all elderly D:

I haven't done anything today. But I did download this korean editor so I could have nice borders :D I know I could probably do it on PSP, but THIS one has specialized buttons. Pretty cool even though I don't know a bit of korean :D ... Oh, you know what I want to do sometime? See a real firefly. What do they look like anyway? o___o
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red in the rose

... Happy Australia Day guys, LOL. So you might or might not notice... I deleted my reading list :0 Whatever, I didn't get around to finishing it, but I would need to buy the last books, and I want to save for the LX3 / birthday presents. At least I almost finished the list? ;) Well, unless someone wants to lend me them, hehe. (Looking For Alaska, Virgin Suicides, Blindness or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn).

Meanwhile... I did this yesterday! SO HAPPY WITH IT, they look super nice now. Basically I got cheap Big W chucks, coloured them black, studded and sprayed them with protective stuff. Yay.

Studding was such a pain, they weren't exactly sharp studs so I had to use a needle and screwdriver to make holes. I really hope the texta doesn't scrape if I walk/kick something either... o__o

Oh, like my fat fingers rings? I never used to wear them because I was paranoid about them not coming off. The things I used to think...
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fleeting thought

Random stuff I like right now:

Dayum, school is next next week :0 So I went to buy school shoes today, and ended up putting them on hold cos if we bought a second pair, it would be half price. And as it turns out, my dad chucked out Paris and Marleena's pairs of shoes. LOL. So... I've been eating peanut butter on toast for breakfast since I've run out of cereal. I think I was getting sick of it anyway... Never thought it would happen, huh?
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funny face

I'm never bothered to update my Lookbook. But I did today! Yeah, boring, but I just discovered my tripod had extendable legs, OMG. In other news I've covered but not contacted my books. That's cos I haven't gotten my letter and I can't label stuff yet, stuuuupid letter. I'm always last to get the letters :'(

Yay for Frankie posters! Btw I still need new school shoes, soooo... yeah. See you in two weeks? I think I'll blog before then though, heh :B
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odds are

Dayum it's hot today ==' So yesterday I went to my cousin's house for once, fun times :D We went Vinnies and I got this Minkpink dress that was $10 ZOMG. Also this belt that I don't know what to do with, except maybe take out the studs to put somewhere else... My sister got Mary Janes that were actually tap shoes, LOL. It got annoying though, cos it made this sound whenever her heels or toes touched the ground o.O

Later we went Macquarie centre which is really good, way better than Livvo. It had Wittner and Oroton and an OOVIE MACHINE, LOL. You like, choose a movie, swipe your credit card and then you rent it til the next day. Random but I really like the small Oroton umbrellas, the handles are nice and smooth, HAHA. But 'sif I'd pay $30 for that, the 'O' pattern would clash with everything anyway.

You know what? I never paint my nails. I should do that more. Yeah. (Photo from flickr)
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out of curiosity

The story behind these: I was trying to do a fake tilt shift effect on my old photos, which is really cool when done right cos it makes the subject look like miniature toys :D Except the pro way is to screw up your camera lens, which I can't really afford... Hm. I'm getting there?

That's my favourite one, it's the only one that looks... remotely toy-ish, like the rafts, HAHA.
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for lack of a better word

So... this post is overdue, but it's my first post of the year. LOL. Damn my holidays are boring... Need to find a hobby or something :(

Changed my wall. I think I like it this way...

Made my bed for once.

More scrapbooking.

And STICKERSSSS :D Not even very good photos, but y'know, I had to post SOME thing... On a different note, I'm sorta lapping up the last months I have in our house; we're gonna move midyear, or around then... I've never moved before, WOW :0 Should be interesting.
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