away from here

One more day of school left! :D My locker's gonna be bulldozed in the holidays so I had to clean it out. And I found my old art book LOL. I sorta miss it... Oh well. I don't really draw as much now:

Haha, I cheated for the fish pictures. Paris has this book with instructions in it, it's actually pretty cool xD I'll post a proper post another time...
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old dirt road

I haven't been posting much again... It must've been because of holidays ending ages ago, but school finishes in two weeks so YAY. Nine days left, I think :)

Went Equip today because I had to buy SOMEONE'S present (please don't be reading this!!), and got this for myself. Haha I love it... the kettle's just so random LOL

New notebook, and the Art of Colour Photography. Heaps of the pages have been ripped and cut out though! o__O I just don't get it... Is it really that worth keeping??

... I love this photo and frame xD I think my dad used to shoot with the film SLR, but it doesn't work anymore. So sad, but he says film's too expensive anyway. I want to try it :/
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back alley view

Wow, I haven't updated since last Sunday *0* It's just because last week was busy... But I can't wait til after tomorrow, the stupid dance will be over HUZZAH. Seriously, for the last week all I thought about was dancing *shudders*

So today we went on the beach excursion... It was fun! But uncomfortable. I just remember that we walked around and played in the park. And chased crabs ROFL. I feel so dirty now, I got pretty burnt and have sand everywhere. At least I didn't get any in my camera, I don't think... It's pretty good, I've taken my camera everywhere since year seven and it still hasn't died yet :L

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remember the time

These photos were from ourbedrooms, I think... I'm probably getting IKEA shelves like these when we move, YAY. Right now all my stuff just sits in random places, so it'll be good. I should buy more books to fill it otherwise it won't look as awesome xD

OH, today Tracey and I went Christie's house today for P.E dance *CRINGE*... we actually got stuff done too! I wonder how much I'll remember of it, or not. AHAHA it took my mum 15 minutes to pick me up because she got confused about the roads. Then she waited outside some other house with the same number as Christie's, LOL. I don't really want to go to school tomorrow. So much work to do this week. Well, more than usual... :C
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here comes the sun

Damn it's hot today... and I thought it'd be all rainy too D: So I went Livvo and I really like this bag in Myer :O It was from Review and had ruffles and a long strap... $99. Last one on the shelf too, hm. OH, I visited the library for the first time in ages, and borrowed My French Life, this Kate Spade book and Vogue. It's the April issue too! I'm such a cheap-ass ahahaha but whatever... Too bad I didn't see any other new issues, otherwise I could save so much money :L

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insert emergency title

Just took pics of these things my mum got. They're so cute :D LOL, she said they were free, but the one with the hat can't spin :B OH MY GOSH I have so much stuff due soon, damn. Maybe I should stop taking random pictures. I'll write a real post another time, dot dot dot.
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