skies are grey

... I've tried for ages to write a good post for this but failed. So I'm writing points again:
  • It's cold. FINALLY.
  • I'm so glad this week / geography's over, HUZZAH!
  • I'm not so glad that half yearlies are next next week... D:
  • Photos in a photo are from Tuesday's Jap excursion, ROFL.
  • The epic t-shirt from Vinnies I've been meaning to show :D
And that's about it... Oh, I've been considering my header to something else that's more neutral. I don't know, it just seems to not match my pictures. Huh. Well, I feel like having a shower and reading something now. So bye for now! :)
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there are no legible signs

Ack. I FEEL LIKE I'M DEAD. But that aside... I really don't feel like starting homework. Thank gosh for the long weekend + excursion on Tuesday, YES! :D So, this is what I do when I'm procrastinating bored. I don't think I've ever worn that reindeer brooch. At least it's nice to look at.

I sincerely hope we don't have geo on the Friday... even though I'll still have to give it in the report :L But no one likes geo anyway. Okay, I should stop this here already. BYE :D
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something unusual

DIVERT YOUR EYES from the grain... D; Anyway this is what I'm wearing right now, but I wore the gold button jumper to watch Alice in Wonderland. FINALLY. Thoughts:
  • It looks like I'm wearing sheer stockings but I'm not. I have really black knees o.o
  • My closet is pitch black. And this dress is really colourful for me.
  • I really liked Alice in Wonderland! Except Alice. Idk... the other characters were just better. Heh :b
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it's not a secret

I'm bored, so this is gonna be a very lackluster sort of post... I think I've used up my blog quota for these holidays, MUST DO HOMEWORK :O These pics were from last week (?) and I wasn't going to post them. But I am now, so huh. I'm bad at concentrating on work, aren't I...

I think I like how I edited these. It's all warm and soft :)
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reading haul

I didn't really want to blog since I just posted yesterday... but I went to the library so yay! :D Got these, plus Nylon from the newsagent. I hardly ever get fiction books now...

("The herd instinct" - teenagers like to dress alike regardless of size or shape!)


Squint... it's a Chanel deer brooch. CHANEL :L

I got excited when I saw the book, I think it was on the library's site, but not at Livvo. It's pretty good ^^ But I can't really relax and read everything until I get some work done, daww. Stupid homework :/
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way back into love

Look Carmen's bubble thing survived... Hello Jennifer! :D Since you heavily insisted, I'm writing a wish list. Because you told me to. Okay then, some stuff I want:

1. More star paper. To make stars. I got a new jar and I must fill it ;D
2. Coloured clothes that aren't black. I need some non-black stuff :/
3. A scarf? HAHA, on Tuesday we saw these awesome ones that were basically knitted tubes. But it was expensive. For a knitted tube.
4. Um... oh and the books I wanted. From my failed reading list from last year :L

For the first pics, I used a different vintage tutorial from here. Look at her deviantART too, her conceptual photography is sooo good. JEALOUSY *0*
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forty-eight hours

I THINK I'M ON A BLOGGING ROLL :D Sorry kidlets, don't be sad when school starts and I can't blog as much... or not. I'm guilty of not starting any assignments yet (!), dundundun. Random photos I didn't post from Canberra:

They had Tokidoki toys. In Questacon. UNFAIR.

You know those prize bubble machines? They had such awesome stuff in this one! *0* Actually, Canberra has pretty awesome stores and stuff in general but I think hardly anyone lives there :L Random photos from today:

EPIC DOMOKUN. It was so HUGE *0* and we searched it but couldn't find a price tag. Yes, I'm still thinking about it LOL. Not sad at all...
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black in the book

HI GUYS. Since Lisa requested it I made a tutorial for the image in text... it's prolly not as good as my other one though :L I don't know if PSP's the same as Photoshop, but oh well.

1/ Open up the image you want behind the text. Mine's a nebula :D

2/ Now make a new layer. Then fill it with white.

3/ Use the text tool and write in any colour. PSP puts text onto a new layer by itself.

4/ While on the text layer, go to Selections > From Vector Object. It'll select the text's shape.

5/ Delete it from the top layer.

6/ Go down to the white layer (while the text shape is still selected). Delete again.

Finished product! Hope that's slightly helpful? TELL ME... Oh, and if you scrolled down enough, you'd notice that I've succumbed. To formspring. So anyone wanna be the first question? :L HAHA.
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lights and sounds

So I went Easter Show today! And I've realised that I take really crap photos when there's no time. Oh well:

... HOW CUTE IS IT, ngaw.

Marleena's waffles. Everyone she passed turned to stare at them ahaha.

These are doughnuts. Without holes. Is that even possible??

The show's really nice at night. With all the lights and such on.

Oh, they were doing the weather at the oyster place and I think Marleena and Paris ended up on TV. HAHA :L All this is has made me tired now so... I'm sleeping.
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