burning sparks

Photo dump! I'm being too lazy to write paragraphs again:
  • Rain + english assignment = me being dead all week.
  • I got the t-shirt from DFO yesterday! I think I have a penchant for t-shirts now... It was 20% off because it was 'faulty'. I still can't find the fault though :L
  • I was watching my iTunes. Thanks to Mitchell.
  • I didn't even know we had Scrabble, but I found the 'M' :D
  • I have a lot assignments this term. It's making me sad... oh well.
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break even

I actually wanted to post a birthday blog on my birthday, so... that's that :D Thank you everyone that remembered/mentioned it! The weather was so bad today, but oh well. It was a nice change, I guess...

That picture was obviously from before all the rain started. It's for English assignment, but I'm almost done with it :D I promise I'll post something more interesting later. When I get ideas... bye until then!
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abracadabra, wow

So... first tag ever? LOL, it's not, but I just can't ever be bothered filling out these things. Except Erimentha tagged me and it looked interesting, so here we go:

I like boys with good taste in clothes and girls with perfect hair. Dammit.
I like packaged biscuits (Tim Tams and wafers :9)

I like trawling through other people’s blog archives.
I like singing to songs and knowing all the words.
I like taking pictures of things more than people.

I like cakes that you slice.
I like that feeling you get after a swim.
I like things based off other things.
I like cheap shoes.

I like cheap everything!
I like the sunlight in winter.
I like bludging class. As much as possible.
I love my family, just because they’re there.
Today the weather decided to not rain just in time for sport. But the sun’s really nice. ^^

In some ways, I love everything. It’s less, it’s less of a thing to like, it’s less distinct, it’s less particular. I like things that I like, but I love everything. There’s more choice in like, cos even the worst things have things you love in them. I don’t know what you mean about things I hate.

I hate having to talk on the phone
I hate clothes that are too tight.
I hate people that are insensitive.
I hate using default flash (most of the time)
I hate it when I feel guilty.
I hate feeling uncertain about things, but in a way, it's better to not know about the future.

I hate crazy wind that makes your hair blow everywhere D:< 

I hate pears and bananas because of the texture.

I hate this, wow. . . Sorry.

You would not believe how much thinking it took to complete this *0* And the photos were taken from before, lucky me. I don't know who to tag now! So everyone must do this, BAHAHA. Just include the bolded/italicized stuff. Maybe I'll think of people to tag later. Good night for now!
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my oh my

Guess what? WE'RE FREEE :D I'm so so happy that the stupid half yearlies are over. And I plan on... doing what I usually do. I have to read the books I borrowed, cos I didn't have time this week. At all :/

Did I mention here that I had a tumblr? There's too much good stuff on there xD Anyway I just realised I reblog so many pictures of food. Makes me want to have cake now... if only I could make nice cake. Oh well.

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feels like home

Well... today I was meant to go city for Mother's Day but there are exams on Tuesday DD: At least I've finished some notes... I think that's my excuse for blogging random photos now:

New jacket I've yet to wear. I don't think it's cold enough yet, but it's so nice :D

Those are my glasses. I sorta hate them... I don't think most people in our year even know I'm blind, LOL.

I'm nervous for Japanese. I still don't know anything about saying directions. CRAP.

HAHA this is what I do in my spare time. Cut out stuff I want from the Glue Store catalogue... Come to think of it, I've used up a lot of pages from the scrapbook :0 I think my eyes are failing me now, they hurt so much >< It's probably a sign to get off now... oh well.
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not in the room

Exciting stuff: I was one of the winners of the Little Known Lovelies award! :D Amazing, I've only ever won something once, and it was a Hoobs video LOL. Thanks Erimentha and Liss for featuring me! And any new followers: HELLO :D

Oh, I borrowed new stuff to read yesterday! Except for the Frankie cos I have to buy it. I don't really know/like Rachel Zoe but the book's interesting... I think :L I have to wait to fully read them because exams are next week and I need to write notes. Bye til later then!
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