i'll only fly away

HELLO. My scrapbook category's getting pretty lonely, so here are more pictures :D I'm not gonna ramble much because I should be somewhere else... but oh well:

... does anyone love the Minties wrappers as much as I do? Please tell me I'm not the only one LOL >D I almost need a new book, I only have a few pages left now. Until later!
Posted by : Mani


I attempted red velvet cupcakes today. YAY for the long weekend :D The cake tastes interesting, in a good way. But I think my icing was an epic, epic failure. I hope my family still it eats it all though xD I blame it on the recipe (from here). I can only understand metric measurements! Well this has been a fun way to not do homework, but I guess I can do it. All of tomorrow and Monday then :/
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... for Paris. One day I'll afford it, ha! In all honesty nothing's happened in seven (?) days so I haven't got much to blog about. Except the ring. Got it yesterday :D I think I need more ideas for posts... until then, any requests? Ideas? :/
Posted by : Mani