across the water

So, it's 11-something right now and I should probably sleep. Anyway, as of last week we've pretty much finished exams, YAY! Tracey's birthday party was on the Saturday and I'm slow to post... but oh well:

The dessert there. I had panna cotta for the first time and I died NOMNOMNOMNOM.

Poor birthday cake I don't think anyone ate LOL.

Tania tried to let these go and it failed, HAHA. I found some other random photos on my SD card, too:

I ended up not liking the sketch that much :l I used to draw heaps, but now... I can't be bothered. Story of my life, HAHA. Maybe I will if I get bored in the holidays... on that note, I can't wait seven or so more weeks. See you soon!
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burning on

Hi guys. Exams are making me a sad person. But at least it's Friday now, YESSS. Since I have nothing much to post about, here's some random stuff I got from Japan:

SO SO HAPPY! I've wanted an Instax for ages and they had it at the airport :D That's the first and only photo I've taken with it so far... I'm gonna have to be stingy with film. Until I find more.

Free eyelashes that came with caps LOL.

Camera I got from a prize bubble. This is just one of many prizes, I went slightly crazy *0*

Pretty pretty yukata. I don't even know when I'll wear it, BUT I DON'T CARE.

Fluffy chicks from Disneyland. Anna won heaps more though, LOL. Okay, I think I'm just gonna go and watch Beauty and the Beast on DVD now. Can you believe I haven't watched it? When I was a kid my parents got me the Christmas version, so I never saw the real thing. I'll be posting again when exams are finished, so until then... have a good weekend everyone!
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japan part 1

I am back. From the BEST TWELVE DAYS EVER. Japan really does do everything better... except public seats. Seriously, there's nowhere to sit anywhere :l Anyway I'm sort of sad because I'll miss everyone on the trip, and it all seems like a blur... but no more sentimentality. A few photos from the first days:

Boards for writing wishes on at... a shrine.

I thought it was so cute how everything was getting ready for Halloween, ha!

Japanese dogs. NO WORDS.

We ended up going to a 'farm' (LONG STORY, but this is actually really funny) and spent ages trying to stalk this butterfly. LOL... I should probably try to cull the thousand or so pointless pictures I took, but anyway. I splurged a bit on stuff this trip. And it is so awesome I'm probably gonna explode, but that's another post. Next time!
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