Sunday, August 07, 2011

A sad story: yesterday I was trying to sketch Elle Fanning when it dawned on me that I really can't draw people. So, I endeavoured to draw that clownfish instead and it turned out much better. Ha! This weekend was meant to be spent on my history assignment due soon, but what I can I say... I work better under stress? (I like to think that, anyway.)

Oh yeah, I think by now everyone on Tumblr's seen this, but it doesn't matter. There are two other videos like it but this one's my favourite... It just makes me want to go overseas again. Enjoy! :)

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  1. that video is perfect!!!! thanks for sharing!
    and you draw very well! :)

  2. such a cute drawing! i don't think that i'm good at drawing people but i still like doing it so it doesn't matter. i'd love to see your drawing of elle fanning! she's an adorable young lady.

  3. lol i love how you chose to draw clownfish instead as a way of solving the problem hahaa brilliant. Love that video, i saw it for the first time yesterday and it makes me wanna travel EVERYWHERE and document it in a unique way xx

  4. saw the video:) it's such a good idea. I love it. and the fish is awesome! nemoo:)

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  6. I thought the video was so great! <3 I literally just saw it this morning!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. your drawing is so lovely! I think drawing people is one of the hardest things to don't feel bad! haha


  8. food below has made me hungry x