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Hi guys! Just a random post before I go back to school tomorrow. *DUN DUN DUN...* Actually, school's not too bad but I think I might die from this heatwave in Sydney right now. So this summer, I had a list of stuff to complete and I've actually done some of it! All that's left now is to:
  • Start using my film cameras
  • Watch movies on my list
  • Print photos
  • Find Lula magazine
  • See the Annie Leibovitz exhibition
I guess summer's not officially over yet so I still have time to finish it... Speaking of which, where do I find Lula magazine/how much is it?! Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading! :D
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japan part 3

Hi guys! It's been ages now since I was in Japan, but I still have heaps of photos from the trip. And I like them too much not to post. This'll be the last lot, so I hope you enjoy:

A deer that liked my donkey bag (haha)! I spared you from most of the deer photos...

School kids with their hats. I just realised their bags matched too! :0

... and that's about it. I need to go back as soon as possible, I regret so much of the stuff that I didn't do... like buying giant Pocky. Or a Monster's Inc. helmet. SIGH.

P.S. Everyone HAS TO watch this video. It tickled my insides :) Anyway, hope you're having a nice day!

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you make my dreams

So, I've been meaning to sew something for ages, but being lazy as I am, I only got around to it now... It's just a pencil case but I'm pretty happy with it! :D And I'm probably too noob to make any clothes yet, but we'll see...

Also, I got some new watercolour pencils. That's all I've really done with them... And I still have to clean up the mess I made. So have a good weekend everyone! :)
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new york mornings

Clockwise: Lolita, bird cage necklace, trimming, frog from Japan :3, thrifted wallet, Instax photo, movie ticket

I just realised that this is my first post for 2011, so in that case... happy new year! Yesterday I went to the city (which wasn't that eventful) and didn't bring my camera, which I regret now... Note to self: BRING CAMERA EVERYWHERE. Other than that, my holidays haven't been that eventful, so I'm rereading Lolita now.

P.S. Thanks guys for helping me pass 150 followers! :D
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