french navy

Lately, it's like I can't really think straight. But that aside, I whipped up that sketch yesterday, and I like it! :D My watercolour skills are still dodgy... or maybe I need more melt-y pencils? Anyway, I got the original picture from here.

By the way, I really loved this video! Just the text and cinematography and everything... it really makes me want to experiment with films. Anyway, hope you're having a nice weekend!

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from me to you

So, it seems I was thinking in vain when I thought all this heat in Sydney would go away already. Not that it ever gets cold in summer, but yesterday it was like walking into a sauna. UNACCEPTABLE. Anyway, I went to the shops and got that shirt and a dress from Myer for half-price :-) I should really find somewhere else to shop...

P.S. To everyone that asked, the red velvet recipe's here! And now that I think of it, the icing looks like mayonnaise... albeit, the really nice Japanese kind. See you soon!
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saw a dream come true

I know what you're thinking. The last time I updated seems like AGES ago... And in that time I've basically been up to school, homework, more homework, surviving the heat wave, baking and some shopping. Hardly blog-worthy stuff... but I'll make an effort to update! Anyway, we had our school swimming carnival today. It was a nice break from everything:

And for those of you that haven't actually seen my face before, that's what it looks like. HOW ATTRACTIVE... Well, I hope you all have a nice almost-weekend! :)
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